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Settling the dust from the WJC’s

After a fun and controversial couple weeks of talking and watching the World Junior Championships from Ottawa its time to let the dust settle and think back with a more rational, and maybe less biased, view.

I’d first like to tab a player I like a lot but who I haven’t heard much about – Radko Gudaj.  My ‘looks’ at him were few, but when I was able to see this kid compete I was highly impressed.  He was blocking shots, playing tough, and making the smart play most of the time.  I don’t know where he’s currently ranked for the upcoming draft, but I think he seems like a good utilitarian defenseman who could be a “franchise asset” to a club for a long time.  I would imagine that a comparison to Karlis Skrastins, currently with Florida, would be a fair one.  Who knows, maybe he’s not on anyone’s radar, but I’ll be watching to see where he goes in June. Continue reading



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Game Blog – Canada/Sweden

warning;  the host is very biased against…uh, you’ll know.

In a few hours we’ll know who are champions.

Will it be Sweden, will it be Canada.  

I’m no fool, so I’ve got money on Canada.  How could they not have brought the dough to pay for the final, too?  hee hee.

Just Kidding, I didn’t place a bet.  But I’m thinking… Continue reading


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Russians Tired-Out…

There are valiant efforts and there are cryin’ shames.  And, its a cryin’ shame that Russia iced the puck with just a dozen or so ticks of the clock left in regulation; or, that they couldn’t get it past Subban(?) with just over 10 seconds to go – twice. 

But fatigue plays a factor in these cometitions and for some reason the IIHF wants tired teams playing for the second night in a row.  I’m not saying it would have made a difference in the game because I don’t have to, everybody knows it.  But you also create your own luck and Canada believed it could happen until the end, and you have to hand it to them for that.  They also did what they do best – they dump the puck in and chase it down with frenzy.  I again have to defer to this article:

http://deanbrownblog.blogspot.com/2008/03/ducks-are-right-kind-of-dirty.html. Continue reading


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Canada Vs Russia – 2:2 at the end of the 1st

*writer’s note:  I’m watching on my DVR, so I’m not necessarily live…

Is John Tavares playing in this game?

The real star of Canada is Dustin Tokarski.  Where would they be without this little spark plug?  Some great play by Ennis, Subban, Kane, and Cormier. 

Della Rovere continues to disgrace the Canadian team and it’s a wonder how he’s getting away with it.  The game is working into the Canadian game-plan of flooding the game with penalties.  The Russians need to continue to come together as a team, rather than a group of individuals and after some shaky decision making early are looking solid. Continue reading


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Americans Lose To The Slovaks 3:5…

Has Ron Rolston Ever Heard of John the Baptist?  His head may soon be on a platter.

I haven’t watched the game, yet, but the knives are out.  I’ll have more later after I watch the game, but I’m hoping that USAHockey doesn’t cow-tow to the forces that want more aggro in the game.  

Instead of calling for Rolston’s head, USAHockey should be filing complaints with the IIHF-brass which dropped the ball after the Canada/USA game.  When will the IIHF stand up to the Canadian-dominated media and the continued descent into anti-hockey?  Where is the IIHF after what happened on New Year’s?  No reviews of the incidents after the second Canadian goal by both teams?  No review of the Boarding call on Della Rovere?  No condemnation of both teams taunting the opposing bench?  Even the NHL would have handed out suspensions after that game – to both sides.   Continue reading


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USA vs. Czech Republic 4:3 – final.

There were a few times when the US was scrambling, but over all they were controlled and controlling the game. 
I think the Czech team played a lot better against us than they did Canada. I haven’t seen any of the buildup games before the weekend, but the Czechs looked mentally beaten and, I thought, gave up early in the Canada game. In the Czech/USA game, they were digging deep rather than giving up the ghost. For the Czechs, it was either start playing, or go home. I don’t know if they’re mathematically alive for the next round, but at least they have something to build upon by coming back and threatening in that game. Continue reading

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World Junior Championships

The Junior tournament is underway, and the NHL Network is providing coverage.
The LA Kings will be well represented by some standout players who are being asked to lead their country’s teams.
Oscar Moller for Team Sweden.
Colton Teubert and Thomas Hickey for Team Canada.
And, Viacheslav Voinov for Team Russia.
Here’s a partial TV schedule courtesy of Inside The Kings participant “duckhunter.”

NHL Network US Game Schedule:

Fri, Dec 26 Germany-USA @ 3:30
Canada-Czech Republic @ 7:30

Sun, Dec 28 Kazakhstan-Canada @ 3:30
USA-Czech Republic @ 7:30

Mon, Dec 29 Germany-Canada @ 7:30

Tue, Dec 30 USA-Kazakhstan @ 7:30

Wed, Dec 31 Canada-USA @ 7:30

Fri, Jan 2 WJC Quarterfinal #1 @ 3:30
WJC Quarterfinal #2 @ 7:30

Sat, Jan 3 WJC Semifinal #1 @ 3:30
WJC Semifinal #2 @ 7:30

Mon, Jan 5 WJC Bronze Medal Game @ 3:30
WJC Gold Medal Game @ 7:30


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