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Kings Rookie Match…

The Los Angeles Kings seem to have won a rookie’s game in Phoenix this evening.  The final score was 1-2 in the Kings favor on goals by Wayne Simmonds and Oscar Moller.  Let’s hope this is a sign of better talent on the way.  The Kings need it.  Apparently the game was available on the Kings Official Website, though I didn’t catch it.  Reports on Kings blogs from fans attending the Rookie’s Camp over the weekend seem to indicate that, overall, Doughty and Teubert appear to be impressive.  Having never seen either player in action, I was crazy enough to predict Teubert would make the big team this season, while Doughty would not.  Let’s all hope I’m horribly wrong and that they’ll both step in like seasoned vets.  The Kings defense is definitely a concern entering the ’09 season.




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