Kings 1 – Tampa Bay 3.

Hey, one positive of last night was that, broken down by periods, we won one. I think the team, if the playoffs are out, needs to approach every period as a game within itself. It helps keep everyone in the game if the score of the GAME is ignored in favor of playing every minute as though it matters.

I don’t think there’s always a place for this mentality, but when a team is struggling in hockey maybe its the best approach to take.

I mean, last night Quick came in and played really well.  No goals in 2 periods.

Our defenders didn’t cost us any goals, though they did make some errors.

OVer periods 2 and 3, we actually won the game.

I think our last 2 losses are hallmarks of a young team and if anyone is panicking its Murray.

F the playoffs and just try to get better incrementally.

Set the lines in the most balanced way you can, and let the guys go for 5 or 7 games. Let them be upset with themselves for the mistakes. Create lines where the skills complement each other…

Let them be uspet with themselves if they make mistakes.

Let them be uspet with themselves if they make mistakes.

But, make Matt Greene write

“I will not skate the puck out of the zone by myself and ruin the game for my teamates who are working their asses off”

1,000 times.



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