Game Blog – Canada/Sweden

warning;  the host is very biased against…uh, you’ll know.

In a few hours we’ll know who are champions.

Will it be Sweden, will it be Canada.  

I’m no fool, so I’ve got money on Canada.  How could they not have brought the dough to pay for the final, too?  hee hee.

Just Kidding, I didn’t place a bet.  But I’m thinking…


I haven’t seen the officials keep them in line, yet, so I don’t expect it to happen tonight.  I’ll be pulling for the Swedes but don’t know enough about this group to trust they’ll be able to deal with the nastiness Canada will bring.  

Here’s an interesting link to an article by Gann Matsuda in which Kings GM Dean Lombardi talks about why he wanted Teubert in this year’s draft.  It’s quite interesting and I’d heard that Teubert had intimidated Filitov, but I hadn’t heard about the antics pre-game between the Russians and Canadians in the Moscow U-18’s.

It’s an interesting read and the Teubert stuff is near the bottom.  It’s interesting that Lombardi seeks to mimic the Ducks style of being capable of playing any type of game – skilled or violent.  At least I find it interesting that I’ve been pointing out that the Canada team plays the same system.  But this blog page:

reveals how that strategy really works.

Have fun with the game and give me your best…



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65 responses to “Game Blog – Canada/Sweden

  1. coach

    I forgot to mention before, Tavares may have been traded to the London Knights. It cant be made official until after the tournament for some reason, so this isn’t official, but probably 100% accurate.

  2. worldhockeydaily

    I’m DVRing again so I’ll be late on my comments, but man, how is canada going to get going on their tactics if the Swedes are going to try and beat them at it?

    My bad, quick elbow after the goal sets canada up nicely going forward with the game plan.

    Tavares looked pissed, didn’t he? Was that a misconduct for a blow to the head, too?
    I hope not since they let Della Rovere do that at will. Hoeffel would have been ejected. I gotta hand it to the Swedes, though. Only a minute in and they look like they want some blood themselves.

  3. worldhockeydaily

    Why aren’t the officials blowing the whiste while the puck is covered by the goalie?

  4. worldhockeydaily

    McKenzie sees the world through Maple colored glasses, thats for sure.

  5. worldhockeydaily

    Do they ever call Canada for hooking? Ever?

  6. worldhockeydaily

    Non on the interference on the goalie by Cormier. McKenzie calls it embellishment. I wonder if he’s heard of DiDomenico. Didn’t he lose an eye?

  7. worldhockeydaily

    It’s heartwarming that Della Rovere is dressed for this game.
    Nice slash Angelo.

  8. worldhockeydaily

    Wow, can you say holding and interference back to back?
    Don’t let them start skating canada.
    The Swedes look tight with emotion.

  9. worldhockeydaily

    Wow, canada has superheroes?

  10. worldhockeydaily

    That was not an elbow. Fucking bullshit.

  11. worldhockeydaily

    Bought and Paid For: should be Canada’s national hockey team’s motto.

  12. worldhockeydaily

    Nice. Again, after the whistle, a Canadian player hit/bumping the opposition. I think Mario taught them that.

  13. worldhockeydaily

    Is Sefan Della Rovere the biggest tool on the planet or what? He even had the nerve to look miffed at getting called. How is this guy still in the tournament?

  14. worldhockeydaily

    I thought you weren’t allowed to hook and slash the puck carrier from behind with your stick parallel to the ice. Apparently the canadians don’t do it. Have they had one penalty for it in the past 7 1/2 periods of hockey?

  15. someone who has played hockey before

    Two punches to the face from Hedman to Esposito, no call for an automatic game ejection. Don’t even dare say the ref’s are favouring Canada.

    GO CANADA!!!!

    They don’t whine about it, they just find a way to overcome.

    You’re cheering for the wrong guys. You should always cheer for someone, not against them. That just shows poor sportsmanship.

  16. worldhockeydaily

    I like Canada’s turtlenecks.
    The swedes look much calmer to start the second.
    Great stop by Toka. I like that kid.
    I wish evil on Della Ro…nah, I can’t.

  17. worldhockeydaily

    Oh boy.
    No penalties on either player.
    Great officiating.

  18. worldhockeydaily

    Mckenzie say its on.
    Get word to the IIHF…
    It’s on.

  19. JDM

    Pierre is a putz. Hedman went a little overboard punching Espo in the head, but to say Markstrom imbellished is stupid. Being bound by the laws of physics is not selling a call.

    Overall though so far I think the game has been officiated fairly. Badly but fairly.

  20. worldhockeydaily

    What’s this “skating through the crease” rule and why are they calling it now? Earlier, Mac said it was Markstrom’s infraction for interfering with the skater.

    You gotta give torp a penalty for biting Espo’s stick. You’ve just got to.

  21. worldhockeydaily

    Again, ref, slashing to the hands is now a penalty.

  22. JDM

    Swedes need to be much stronger on the boards.

  23. worldhockeydaily

    The USA would easily have 10 goals by now.

    Nice check by the ref on that swede to force the turnover for canada. Funny, I think he made a great play much like that in the Russia game.

  24. worldhockeydaily

    Della Rovere again. What a surprise…

  25. JDM

    Della Rover Asshole is really a little puke if I ever saw one.

    Clearly he wasn’t loved as a child.

  26. worldhockeydaily

    It should be 5 on 3, but what are the chances of that happening for Sweden?
    Teubert is so integral to the team that he wants to get kicked out for fighting? I wish Lombardi had drafted Myers instead of trading his pick to drop and pick Teubert. If Buffalo likes Myers, he’s probably the better player. They always find quality.

  27. worldhockeydaily

    I like how Mac thinks that after all the shit Della Rovere has pulled, Markstrom is the problem…”they’re really gonna have to work on him in Florida.”

  28. JDM

    I wouldn’t give up on Teubert yet. He should be a strong player in the NHL. He’ll fit nicely into our system, much better than Myers. Myers is good but will be better on a team like Buffalo than he would on the kind of system Lombardi and Murray are implementing here.

  29. worldhockeydaily

    Subban – high stick and hook. You think he’ll get 2 penalties?
    Yeah right.

  30. worldhockeydaily

    There’s a term called anti-football.
    We’re seeing anti-hockey.
    I can’t count all the slashes and hooks.

  31. worldhockeydaily

    Subban doesn’t like when the tables are turned and someone sprays HIS goalie.

  32. worldhockeydaily

    Espo doesn’t embellish…does he Mac?

  33. JDM

    Teubert has been very good on the penalty kill.

    I’m not as impressed with Pajaarvi as I’d hoped.

  34. worldhockeydaily

    I really like Mac pointing out how great Myers is when my team passed on him.

  35. worldhockeydaily

    Mac says he likes how the refs are calling it…
    Big Surprise.
    But the Swedes are blowing their chances.
    They need to study the win-at-all-costs bible and learn how to take penalties that count and score when they’ve got the advantage. I’m a genius, aren’t I?
    Canadas defense is pretty damn strong. Lots of hooking, high elbows, sticks, and interfering, but damn strong nonetheless. Myers anticipation on that PP cross-ice pass was really quick reaction for such a big guy.

  36. worldhockeydaily

    Canada can’t lose now.
    0-3 and the good-guys on the ropes…
    It’s good to see sportsmanship rewarded for once.
    Thanks you god.

  37. worldhockeydaily

    If the score remains we’re gonna see some aggro…

  38. JDM

    Not sure where you are on your DVR… I’m at 14 minutes left in the 3rd.

    Sweden doesn’t deserve to win this game though. They aren’t putting nearly enough pucks on Tokarski. Credit the Canada D, but sometimes Sweden is too cutesy.

    Seeing Moller in this tournament, I’m up and down on his play. He certainly hasn’t been much of an impact player. It’ll be interesting to see if his game is any different when he comes back to the Kings.

  39. JDM

    The Swedes just don’t support the puck well. They expect their teammates to make slick passes nearly every time, which they are capable of, but come on, its the gold medal game against Canada. It just doesn’t work that way in a game like this.

  40. worldhockeydaily

    where is the roughing penalty called against Ullstrom?
    For the life of me I don’t see it. You can’t high stick somone who just fell on the ice, and its not roughing to kick the puck.
    Oh, Mac said Subban was upset for an earlier play where the Ullstrom sprayed Toka. I don’t blame him. The canadians NEVER do that. Did I already say that?

  41. worldhockeydaily

    You can’t call a high sticking against Canada, ref.
    What the fuck are you thinking?
    Mac had it right. Hedman was hitting himself in the face.

  42. worldhockeydaily

    I love the hypocritical disgust that Mac is directing towards the Swedes. He’s incredulous that Goulebef gets a penalty for running the goalie.
    So you can’t spray him with shavings, but you can charge right in according to Mac?

  43. someone who has played hockey before





  44. worldhockeydaily

    Life is interfering with my viewing.
    I can’t see Sweden making a comeback with all these shots from the outside. Only 13 min. left on my clock.

  45. worldhockeydaily

    The good guys scored.
    The good guys scored.
    ( i need to fix my exclamation point somehow)

  46. Ronnie



    Somewhere, a Swedish goalie is falling down.

  47. worldhockeydaily

    I bet Dean Lombardi drafts Della Rovere and completely ruins my year.

  48. coach

    Hey Cris cmon. Im trying here. Marksstrom got upset after that first goal. He thought he had it covered but it was 2 feet away from him. When you throw your body back after your dman bumps you, you’re not getting anything after that.
    I know you have your DVR, so you can watch it all again for me, like I will to make sure I’m right. The Goloubef call was alright. The DellaRovere wasn’t. Watch it, you’ll see Marksstrom hits the back side of Della Rovere. I know Della Rovere isn’t an angel, and I wouldn’t have him on this team, but you can’t help a goalie skating into you.
    Angelo and Markstrom hitting in the corner is not a penalty in any game. I dont think Markstrom dove there, but when a goalie is careless skating out like that, he is going to run into someone. Contact happens.
    Bottom line is Markstrom got a little rattled, and if he pulled that crap in the NHL, Peter DeBoer wouldn’t put up with it.
    Don’t be too quick with Teubert. He will be a stud. He played his best game tonight. He would never have fought there. That was definitely the ol shake your gloves hoping the opponent drops his tactic. Maybe not sportsmanship, but certainly gamesmanship.
    Myers is an amazing skater for the size of him.
    I can’t remember who it was( I think Hickey), but he got his finger bit in front of the net, when he was on the ice. I will be watching it again, so I will find out for sure, and try and get a link to it. I think we can all agree that would be linecrossing.
    Hedman’s fists=awesome. About time. The guy is massive, and unemotional. I really liked his fire tonight. And speaking of draft eligible this year. Evander Kane. I thought all he did was move himself up. I think he was around 10. I would pick him top 5 now.
    Kinda glad it’s over. We might see some legit blogs on here again? lol

  49. coach

    One more question for the people on here that would know. Who would win in a game. The Canadian team that went to the tourney, or the Canadian team that didn’t, made up of the NHLers that couldn’t go(Toews, Gagner, Schenn, Doughty, etc) + injured players that couldn’t go(Tyrell, Cuma),and the last cuts( Taylor Hall sticks out in my mind(watch for him next year Cris. #1 in 2010)).
    I’ve been having this personal debate for a couple weeks now.

  50. worldhockeydaily

    Well. That was fucking fun if nothing else. I have to apologize to JDM (a local LA guy) for not seeing him. You see, JDM, the other night, someone ruined the game for me so what I do is get my “dialogue” box down to the bottom so that “someone” doesn’t post the outcome I have yet to see. Let me just say, it was no surprise to me that Canada scored with under 6 seconds remaining against Russia.

    Don’t you have DVR’s in Canada, guys?

    But I must admit, Canada is a proud country. You guys really have some patriotism going on. Be careful, though. Nazi Germany was a proud country, too – and pride is one of the 7 deadly sins, anyway. You’ve now won 5 in a row and there’s no doubt you’ve got the most depth of hockey talent in your backyard – and a bunch of ice and snow. You’ve got a lot to learn about sportsmanship, but the rest of the world is just catching up to your tactics so forgive us if we don’t understand why you’re willing to kill us because you want to win. In the rest of the world, sports are like games and they’re not played by people who feel like fighting all the time. But we’re learning and you could see that the Swedes wanted some blood just like you’ve taught them to.

    I really like how Canada get’s mad at Hedman for punching Espo on the top of the helmet with his glove. That had to hurt…Hedman. He must have wondered, “what the fuck am I doing” in Swedish, and hurt his brain trying to figure it out because it certainly wasn’t hurting the young Miss Espo..
    Hedman looked OK, but I don’t understand the hype. I also think JT was a little quiet, except for pulling a real angry face after that Swede pushed John’s own hands into his head – talk about embellishment. John, don’t punch yourself like that…

    I thought one of the best defensemen of the tourney was Myers. I don’t know why he’s not talked about with the rest of the top guys. He’s huge and maybe not as inclined to try and injure people like Pronger, but he likes to hit and he’s pretty darn skilled. I like those assets in a defenseman. Who does he compare to? Bouwmer? Or, is that too easy because of the size?

    I’m not done with this game, but I’ve got to post this and start fresh again.
    I’m upset and feel let down by my boys, but they were up against a good hockey country so there’s no shame in it. They were overcharged to start the game and never settled into anything resembling an attack until the 3rd, really. Their PP was just shit.

    But don’t feel too sorry for them Swedish kids – they get to go back to Sweden and their women, while Canada has to stay in Canada. What’s the temperature up there, eh?

  51. coach

    “Hedman looked OK, but I don’t understand the hype.”
    He is huge, and skates like a god. He had one good take, where he walked around someone tonight. That is his game. They do call him “The Swedish Pronger” because of his size, skating and solid puck movement.
    You can compare Myers’ skating ability to Bou for sure, but not his overall talents, yet.
    The temp where I am, is about 0 right now. It’s been in the pluses for a couple days now. Probably get some more storms this week. Where I am is actually south of parts of California. We get better weather than lots of the US where I am.

  52. coach

    “I can’t remember who it was( I think Hickey), but he got his finger bit in front of the net, ”
    It was definitely Hickey.
    I saw this happen in the local league once. It was a goalie from an opposing team, last name Talbot. He got nicknamed Talbite.

  53. Ronnie


    You just Godwin’ed an argument about a hockey game.

    (…and all this talk about violence from someone who loves the NFL and “appreciates” boxing?)

    As for coach’s question: I’d go with the NHL’ers and cuts, simply because you’d have more talent on the top end; and the line between making the team as the 20th guy or getting cut as the 30th is pretty fluid.

  54. worldhockeydaily

    “When you throw your body back after your dman bumps you, you’re not getting anything after that.”

    Untrue. We Kings fans just saw Handzus penalized for bumping a defenseman into his own goalie. Sure Markstrom flopped, but they weren’t going to call it, were they? It’s not like there wasn’t contact.
    Canada, you live by a different set of rules.

    “Angelo and Markstrom hitting in the corner is not a penalty in any game. I dont think Markstrom dove there, but when a goalie is careless skating out like that, he is going to run into someone. Contact happens.”

    Not on goalies, and you know it. Canada won’t even allow ice-shavings to hit their goalie without screaming for blood. If the tables were turned, you’d have seen Teubert take someone out.

    “Bottom line is Markstrom got a little rattled, and if he pulled that crap in the NHL, Peter DeBoer wouldn’t put up with it.”

    Yes, he was too tight. Every Swede was. He wasn’t “rattled,” he was pissed. I DO think he thought he had that first goal covered, he didn’t. But who cares about DeBoer, and why not try and draw attention to the flagrant abuse you’re taking? I’m sure there’s some fear in there too, and why not? They believe the Canadians are capable of something dirty, and they’re right. That’s why Canada dresses Della Rovere – who is always guilty and chopped down right across the back of the Swede’s helmet in 1st period. He should have been gone long ago, but of course there’s gamesmanship.

    Gamesmanship, though, is playing within the rules, or by stretching them. For some reason, the officials don’t call the game by the rules. I think it’s actually some of the worst officiating in the world, in any major sport. If that stuff was going on in Football in England, Italy, Germany, and Spain, we’d have cities in flames and referees hanging from telephone poles – Literally. I believe that more widespread attention to these tournaments through the media will force the IIHF to hold their officials accountable for their performance during the games.

    A bite? Was that what happened? My girlfriend came home right then and I wasn’t paying attention as close. I’d though he’d got it cut off at first. Which worried me because I don’t want to see that happen, and Hickey is a Kings prospect. If there was a bite it’s gotta be dealt with, yes. I totally agree. But there’s some stuff that’s gone on that just isn’t being dealt with by all sides. I can’t believe how these kids are getting suckered into losing their cool. It’s part of the reason I’m a Rolston supporter. I think that outside of the Hoeffel elbow there was no really dangerous stuff in the us/can game, and that Tangredi acted alone and was selfish. Tangredi’s infraction should be penalized after the fact so that there’s no mixed-messages being sent to all teams and players.

    That’s my biggest complaint. I have fun with Canadian hockey and DO think they cheat (or use gamesmanship if you want) and that the only ones to blame are the officials and the IIHF. I’m really disappointed in the IIHF because I think the future of hockey rests with them. Unless the NHL goes bankrupt and Canada and America form separate Premiere leagues and a North American Hockey Federation that will make rules and enforce them to the betterment of hockey. I’m sorry to say this, but I think Canada has too much control over the international sport. We need to recognize that there are teams in Europe that have been around for nearly 100 years and that the world will have to compromise on what’s best for hockey. I just don’t think the violent stuff towards your opponent should be acceptable. Nor should intimidation be an acceptable tactic if it’s not done within the bounds of the rules.

    I’m really glad that you guys all participated in this with me. It was kind of fractured a bit, but it’s really pretty fun, too.
    Coach you bring it pretty good, too. I like the way you see the game and I like that you don’t take me too seriously. I’m not. I admit I wanted to punch the tv for about 10 minutes, but I really know Canada is a hockey power. You’re deeper than almost every other program. I still think that the USA may have won that game with decent officiating. I can’t but wonder what would have happened if Della Rovere had been given the major he deserved for that boarding.

    I’ll write more in a bit. I’m eating/blogging at the moment.

  55. hockey

    Wow pretty exciting game tonight. Congrats to both Canada and Sweden for a very entertaining game and for winning gold/silver, respectively.

    This didn’t look like the dominating Swedish team of previous games though. I think the nerves might have gotten the best of them – guess that’s the difference between gold and silver. Whoever had bigger hearts and desire to win, will.

    I would say the Swedes lost the game tonight on trying to be too cute with the puck – one too many pass, one too many move at the blue line, etc.

    Canada won the game tonight on wanting the puck more than the other team – beating their opponents to loose pucks, especially along the boards.

    Tonight’s game was actually a pretty good demonstration of the different styles of play between North American (Canada & US, and most NHL teams) and European: North Americans focus on big body checks and play along the boards; while Europeans primarily focus more on puck possession and skating/speed. This is of course a fairly broad generalization but you can definitely see a little bit of difference between the two teams tonight.

    Anyways just thought I drop by here after finally catching the game :)

  56. worldhockeydaily

    hockey – This game disappointed a bit. I though the Swedes were disorganized until partway into the 3rd and were rarely dangerous on the PP’s in the 2nd. I don’t know what team want’s to come out and take a penalty that fast – none.
    If I were the coach I’d have been pissed. But you have to hand it to Canada tonight and it’s hard to argue that they don’t deserve it. They never quit and they’re more afraid of losing than anything else.

    Coach – I’m a fan of the Kings and haven’t shaken Aki Berg from memory yet. If I’m at #1 or #2, I don’t know if I go with Hedman. Even though he was quiet, I liked Magnus SP. Is he going this year?

    also, it’s hard to argue against tonight’s team taking the game against the NHL U-20’s of canada and the cuts.

    Ronnie – Godwin’ed? Explain…
    And those sports are violent within the rules. Boxing has glove now, and NFL wears pads and face masks. I actually don’t have time for either of these anymore, though. Football and Hockey get all my viewing time now. Plus, I’ve gotten a distaste for America’s league structures since I discovered Football in England and Europe. I’d love to see the NHL change, a bunch. Check out “5 ways…”

  57. Ronnie

    Godwin’s Law: “As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.”

  58. Sean

    Cristobal–We have a little discussion going over here. Thought you’d like to know.

  59. cristobal


    I’m busy today, but I’ll be there when I get some time. Thanks for clueing me in. I have to get linked to that page, I’m just a little slow with the i.t. stuff just yet.
    Talk to ya later.

  60. coach

    ““I can’t remember who it was( I think Hickey), but he got his finger bit in front of the net, ”
    It was definitely Hickey.
    I saw this happen in the local league once. It was a goalie from an opposing team, last name Talbot. He got nicknamed Talbite.”
    Apparently Finland’s Jarkku Ruutu, saw this last night, and was jealous of the Swedes,and a little hungry, so he thought he’d do a little chomping himself on Buffalo’s Andrew Peters.

  61. hockey

    Just thought I throw in some interesting comparisons between some of the top paid professional atheletes:

    MLB: Mark Teixeira, New York Yankees, $180 million over 8 years –> $22.5million a season ($140K per game)

    MBA: Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics –> $25 million a season ($300K per game)

    NFL: Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers –> $27 million a season ($1.7million per game!)

    NHL: Mats Sundin, Vancouver Canucks –> they offered him $10 million a season ($120K per game)

    I wish they could each give me a measly 0.1% of their salary and I could live comfortably – $85,000/year =)

  62. worldhockeydaily


    Ironically, the biggest selling sport on the planet, football of the Euro variety, has much lower salaries throughout. Last time I checked, the highest paid player in England, John Terry, was on about 160,000 Pounds per week – which I think translates to around $250,000 a week, or $1.0 million a month. I have no clue where Basketball gets all that money and I sure as hell don’t know where hockey gets it.
    I think Hockey is on a dark path and that it’s possible that the league could go bankrupt. I wouldn’t mind, cuz it would mean the end of the Bettman Regime and Hockey itself will go on. I see no reason, however, that all these hockey players should be on any more than 2 or 3 million a year, tops.
    The only thing keeping payrolls afloat are the billions that some of the owners have outside of their hockey interests. I could see a day coming soon where at least one or two owners are unable to pay their players. Particularly in the case of Hicks in Dallas, or Gillette in Montreal as they’re paired up in Liverpool and own that Club completely on credit, much like whatshisname with the LA Dodgers.
    It’ll be interesting to see what happens.
    Maybe Canada will start a new Canadian hockey league and bring many of the boys playing in the NHL up there.

  63. worldhockeydaily


    Clearly Peters was embellishing.
    Did you “finger”-out who chomped Hickey?
    It may have been out of the ordinary, but I don’t think you can call it intent to injure. Whomever it was could have had the digit if they had wanted it.
    Funny that the Tyson-effect has worked its way into the game.
    I don’t think we have much “higher ground” to stand on as long as we’re allowing fighting. What’s the difference between punching someone cheek into the back of their skull and giving them a really red mark on their index finger?
    I especially enjoy that the IIHF hasn’t, as far as I know, punished the “chomper” in the Hickey case. I’m sure Tommy knows who it was, but kudos to him for not having to point him out. Hickey seems like a real quality kid. I’ve no nothing bad to say about him.
    And, on Teubert, is he more dominant in Juniors due to the increased freedom to fight and use intimidating tactics? I can see that he’s perhaps not as dominant in an international match-up as he would be in juniors.
    I still think I might regret that the Kings didn’t take Myers, however.


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