Coach’s contribution…

I’m posting the bulk of a comment by coach here because he’s alerted me to a tournament I’m not familiar with:

Im not sure if you know yet, but your US u-17 team won bronze today against Canada-West in the World under 17 hockey challenge. They lost in OT in the semis to Canada Pacific last night. After trailing 3-0 they made it 5-3 and Canada Pacific scored a goal with a couple mins left in the 3rd to tie, then won it in OT. The finals just started. Canada-Ontario vs Canada-Pacific.
The format in this tourney has 5 regions of Canada represented, with teams from US, RUS, FIN, and 2 others. Im not sure how they decide the remaining 2, but the tourney usually finishes
with either US or Russia getting to the final, and 4 of the Canadian teams finishing the top 5.
Many players you see in the u20, you see in this tourney. I think I saw Matt Rust’s bro playing this year.
Anyway Im goin to go watch that. There is a guy playing for Ontario, that played here last year, I’d like to watch now that he is a year older, and doing much more.

I really appreciate the contribution and thanks for alerting me to this.  It’s hard to keep up living in America, that’s for sure; and even more difficult considering I’m in Los Angeles.  

By the way, for all your Kings information, try:

…for daily updates, inside information, and to help educate your southern neigbors about what they’re watching.



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