Canada Vs Russia – 2:2 at the end of the 1st

*writer’s note:  I’m watching on my DVR, so I’m not necessarily live…

Is John Tavares playing in this game?

The real star of Canada is Dustin Tokarski.  Where would they be without this little spark plug?  Some great play by Ennis, Subban, Kane, and Cormier. 

Della Rovere continues to disgrace the Canadian team and it’s a wonder how he’s getting away with it.  The game is working into the Canadian game-plan of flooding the game with penalties.  The Russians need to continue to come together as a team, rather than a group of individuals and after some shaky decision making early are looking solid.

“Toka,” however, has made some stops that were under-appreciated by the crowd, and but for his play Canada would be down a couple.  There was one save on a Russian deflection that looked fated for the net.  Tokarski Saves.  And the game stays even.

It will be interesting to see if the Russian skill can overcome the Canadian assault.   There’s no comparing the teams in the skill department, but the Canadians have an old fox behind the bench, and he knows how to neutralize individual skill.  It will take a great team effort for the Russians to advance.  And for the officials to forget who they put money on with their bookies.



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10 responses to “Canada Vs Russia – 2:2 at the end of the 1st

  1. coach

    lol. What are you watching?

  2. worldhockeydaily

    Sonne punches face.
    Russia gets a penalty off the drop of the puck.
    This is hilarious. According to the officials it’s the Russians who are throwing elbows, high-sticking, and roughing, not the Canadians.
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…….
    How many out-numered attacks do they have to give these guys before they can score?
    Benn is having a nice game and does a lot of the little things. Ennis should have scored off of the turnover Benn created, but he’s not Russian, so he got off a weak backhand.
    The funny thing is that when you flood-the-game-with-penalties, you also set yourself up for some penalty killing at some point. Well, at least in games where it doesn’t look like a foregone conclusion. If you know what I mean.

    Cheers. – I’d imagine the Russians are starting to feel a lot like the Americans. And I can’t stop wondering why IIHF is an acronym in the English language? And, who runs it? I’ll have to get out my almanac.

  3. coach

    You know just because you say something, doesn’t make it true. They took 2 penalties for shooting the puck over the glass. You can’t complain about that.
    Your article describes the 3rd and the OT nicely for the Ref. Letting a lot go for Russia, because he called so much early.
    You haven’t watched much of the Russians have you. This year the word of the tourney is how Russia is the more physical, aggressive team, while Canada has iced better skating, skilled team.
    I dont mind seeing this shootout potentially with this team.

  4. coach

    Shootout worked out. Eberle has some hands wow. But, I imagine the ref or IIHF put that puck in the net? Tokarski shook off a shaky first 40, and gave them what they needed, with some decent luck.

  5. worldhockeydaily

    Early goal in the third…it’s going to be an interesting 3rd.

  6. coach

    Game’s over. I’ll ruin it for you. Skill won out in the skills competition.

  7. worldhockeydaily

    Eberle was definitely outstanding, Coach, what a game for that young man. A credit to his country for sure. Toka as well. I must post this blog-site:

    She’s American, so I don’t know if you cannucks will want to give her the time of day, but she’s from Spokane, where Toka plays, and she’s been backing the dude from before day 1. Plus, she’s got some nice “Tokarski Saves” merchandise.

    The Canadians did what they do best, in the end. They were effective dumping the puck in and working until the death, which they were able to avoid. I have to hand it to them, they always believe and they never stop working. That part of their game is what makes the games their playing in so unbelievably entertaining and tense.

    Coach, I hadn’t seen Russia play yet, no. I was impressed by their “team” effort and how they matched nastiness with nastiness, but they were never too dangerous. They weathered the Canadians hacking them to pieces very well and took full advantage of the retaliation they were afforded by killing so many penalties – many of which were undeserved. The officials handing out the “over-the-glass” penalties chose to ignore the slashes that accompanied them. Too bad, but the officials allowed it to be that type of game. I can’t argue that they are epic games, but I think the Sweden/Slovakia game proved that a game can be a great one, even if it’s played above the level, for the most part. That game in which Sweden was dominant had some of the best legal hits I’ve seen so far, mixed with speed and skill. It will be interesting to see how they approach the game with the Canadians: will they try to skate, or will they play the game as the Russians did and counter with some nastiness? Either way, it should be a great one if there aren’t early breakdowns or bounces.

    I have to hand it to you, coach, you did ruin it for me. I was watching the last minute of play unsure if I’d seen what I’d seen peripherally as I wrote. I was especially incredulous, not only when what’s-his-name made that horrible play and iced the puck, but when the Russians were twice close to clearing in the final 12 seconds. Unbelievable outcome and well worked by the schedule makers. Isn’t an extra game enough without forcing the quarterfinalists to play 2 days in a row? It would have been a better game had the Russians had any energy for the end of the game….

    But, you make your own luck, and the Russians didn’t show up against Sweden. I didn’t see that game, but I wonder how they were so dominated? Was it the Swedes being that much better, or was it the disjointed side of the Jekyll and Hyde Russians?

    It’s also a shame that we don’t get to see if the Canadians can skate with the Slovaks and their goalie Janus. I’d say I’ve been impressed by him as much as by Toka. Other standouts were anyone who’s name ends -ev, -ov (in other words, the Russians), Hodgson, Eberle, Benn, Tavares, Myers, Hedman, Tavares, Magnus–, Gudaj, Wilson, VanReimsdyk, Shattenkirk, McDonagh, Fairchild, Rust, Tangredi, and some others that I can’t remember their names. Feel free to propose names. Or to translate this page into Cyrillic.

    PS – The Russians were great tonight. It was great to see Nemchinov keep his cool and keep his boys together. So much talent on that team and so beautiful to watch. I liked the chippiness they showed – some good whacks, but nothing too nasty.


  8. I missed from the last 7 minutes of the third on. I had a Chiefs game to go to. Which I’d rather not talk about. But I am thrilled Tokarski is holding it all down.

  9. worldhockeydaily

    He’s been both shaky and unbelievable. But unbelievable when he had to be. I’m posting your site so that people will go and purchase their “Tokarski Saves” gear. You just might get rich off this thing…heehee.
    Really, though, I want to know how that Zillow thing is working for you. email me a summary of your zillow experience so far.

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