Dirty Canadians Steal The Day

What a game!

Nothing like the officials, both on ice and off, helping their boys back into this game. I’ve never seen worse officiating in a game. The “chippiness” of the Canadians was downright disgraceful. In youth tournaments you’re not supposed to let Canada throw hits after the whistle, attempt to paralyze one of our best defensemen with one of the worst major-boarding hits I’ve ever seen, and let the Canadians taunt the Americans in front of their own bench, then call no penalty for a blood-drawing cheap-shot. I’ve seen referees overwhelmed by the atmosphere of a home crowd before, but never like this. I wonder if hockey officials are gamblers?

I was proud that the American boys didn’t engage in such disgraceful behavior. Other than the stupid penalty by Hoeffel (which also earned him 10 min. extra — funny, I’d think a boarding call as dangerous as the one thrown on Shattenkirk would warrant more than just 2), the Americans stood tall, battled with honor, and ignored cheap-shot after cheap-shot. I have to hand it to Colin Wilson who was cross-checked like a pinball 3or4 times in a row directly in front of an official and kept his cool. It was an indication of the fear Canada was feeling because they were clearly overmatched early on.

So we should be proud that the better team lost but weren’t out there trying to hurt people or taunt the opposition in front of their own bench after goals. I’m glad to see these kids maintain their composure and show some CLASS. They were tying to win the hockey game while the Canadians were trying to feel worthy of wearing the Canadian sweater. And, but for some unreal saves by Tokarski, they USA would have won.

It was good to see Tokarski shut up his own country’s fans who were booing him after the 3rd American goal. He made some saves in the second and third period that kept his team in the game. It looked as though the Americans would get the upper hand after all the calls and bounces going against them, but “Toka” was there with quickness and timely sprawls.

The worst part was seeing the tired Americans attempt to get back in the game when the world was against them. And if you think I’m exaggerating, you need to travel. Canadians hate us like many Americans hate the French (myself not among them).

Which brings me to the referees. Again. Where the heck did they come from? You could see their reluctance, and I thought ‘fear,’ to make the calls against Canada. Were they simply not up to the task of officiating in such an intense environment? Did they really let Canada out of the box 8 seconds early leading to the 4th Canadian goal?

I also wondered about the ice early in the game and thought, “if it’s the NHL’s ice surface, it’s probably shit.” It certainly looked puddled and players on both sides were going down one-after-the-other during the first 5 minutes of play. I thought the officials did a great job of sending the message to Canada at the 8:20 mark of the first period – “feel free to tee-off on these imperialist bastards.” Fresh after the second American goal Della Rovere took his first bite of American ear taking a run at an American player a good few seconds after the whistle. While the hit was late and hard enough to dump the American player into the linesman, we went to commercial and all was forgiven.

Ironically, the color commentator was speaking about how tightly officials in youth tournaments call games like this to avoid the extracurricular activity. Maybe that’s why the interfering and slashing the Canadians were feeling free to employ were soon getting the Americans cycling through the penalty box. Tack on a penalty for clearing over the glass and Canada was on it’s way to victory.

It was Della Rovere involved in most of the dirty and disgraceful activity tonight, as he actively sought to injure people. It was Della Rovere hitting after the whistle, Della Rovere that threw the punch at VanReimsdyk, and Della Rovere who tried to kill Shattenkirk with a vicious boarding penalty-that-never-was. For all this, Della Rovere got 2 a whole minutes in the penalty box.

To wrap it all up. The Americans lost the game. Much of that is due to strength and depth at the back, which the Americans seemed to lack, but it will be interesting to see if a rested American team makes better decisions and has fresher legs late in the game in it’s next big game. I like that they actually have an extra game to get to the gold because it will give them that much more game time to figure out the little things they’re doing wrong. Clearing the zone of the penalty kill will be a priority as this team goes forward, as will making decisions with the puck – particularly at the back.

So, but for a broken stick, this game could have been much different. It looked like an American-runaway in the first, but the strength and depth of the Canadians got them back in the game.

Yeah, right!

It was officials, bounces, and fatigue that cost the Americans this game. We need to keep believing because at even strength, and when fresh, the Americans have been dominant. The one concern was the play of Jordan Schroeder, however. He seemed to be either slightly injured, or simply overwhelmed by the size of the game. Maybe this is the biggest game of his life. I don’t know. But the Americans will need a much better Schroeder if they hope to go farther in this tournament. I’m not sure, but I think the Russians are up next. If so, it will be great to get a look at the Russians and their skill, but the Americans must believe they are capable of beating anyone right now.  

I do.



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  1. stuey grant

    sad dude. i’ve never heard such whining. hits not being called a major do not lead to defeat. im not sure if you noticed tangredi using his stick on a face intentionally, but that is one thing you dont do in this game. stickwork like that is downright stupid. If this was an OHL game, he would be gone for 15 games, after getting punched out.
    also you talk about the officials letting stuff go.
    do me a favour and watch the last 15-20 games you can find between USA and CANADA at any level. ALL of these games are cheapy. Refs let a lot go when these teams play. after watching these games your opinion should differ. If it doesn’t then you are obviously just a large baby, that just started watching hockey yesterday. Enjoy the sport, and please start being one too.

  2. worldhockeydaily


    I wonder if you’re referring to when the Canada players were lining up along the bench taunting the Americans after the 2nd Canadian goal?
    If that kid is stupid enough to run his face into a bench-players stick, as the stick are all in position before he runs his face into them while focusing on his taunts, he should be taking some IQ tests before he’s given a hockey stick.
    If you don’t think a boarding non-call, or the fact that the player wasn’t ejected from the game, doesn’t influence outcomes, you’ve got just as low an IQ.
    I have watched these games before, and I like how indignant Canada is when someone boards Angelo Esposito.
    I thought that was a disgraceful thing for the German’s Ruel to do, but now I see that the Canadians bring it on themselves.
    They have NO sportsmanship and don’t know where to draw the line. Your tactics are as old as your coach, and your players are afraid to actually JUST play the game.
    The Americans may have lost on the scoreboard last night, but who cares?
    We won in the sportsmanship department and sometimes that’s more important.
    I commend Ron Rolston for not trying to turn U-20’s into a mercenary show.
    Let’s leave the Downie/Della Rovere/Bertuzzi b.s. to the Canadians and try to play the game.
    I’m totally confident that if the Americans meet Canada again they will be victorious, even if the Canadians stoop to such disgraceful behavior.
    We’re simply the better hockey team.
    You’ve got Tavares, and Toka played out of his mind, but with no broken-stick-passes to Tavares, you’re going to have a tough time beating us with an equally rested team.
    Here’s to hoping we get Canada/USA part II in this tournament.

    PS – thanks for commenting and I welcome the passionate involvement in the game.



  3. Stuey Grant

    Hey Stuey Grant

    I read your article and I dont know if you dont understand hockey or are just a biast American that is upset Canada was the better hockey team. First of all you talk about the “class” and “discraceful behaviour” of our Canadian team, but I think you are forgetting that we are talking about a hockey game here not a ping pong tournament. A little adversity and pride went a long way here, cause lets remeber THERE IS A RIVALY HERE, and you are upset that you lost. Secondly us Canadian hockey fans dont appreciate your no good prospective on a great hockey game. I hope we match up again on Monday and see what you have to write after that. Go try to play the game because you dont understand it.

  4. worldhockeydaily


    You’ve got a lot of nerve writing english so poorly. Maybe you’re french-canadian, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.
    Your boys got so desperate not to lose they turned that game into a street fight, but they had their folks backing them up. You were obviously the lesser hockey team, but you throw some great cheap-shots. You’ve got no class, Canada, and you should be ashamed that you support your children’s deviant behavior.
    I commend Ron Rolston for not engaging in the b.s..
    The Americans had plenty of time at the end of the game to take some liberties on your children, but they passed on it. I guess I can’t expect a Canadian to appreciate that.
    But then again, Stuey, you’re only 1 ignorant Canadian. You don’t speak for the entire nation.


  5. what a joke

    this article is an embarrassment. you americans cant hold on to a lead. its not our fault you guys are bad.

    you guys even got shalacked by slovakia….have fun losing the bronze.

  6. someone who has played hockey before

    Wow that has to be the most biased article i’ve ever read. You made no comment at all about the American player that obviously intentionally chopped at the face of the top forward in junior hockey today, from the bench, after he scored a goal. As for bench taunting, there was a direct reply from the Canadians to the taunting by the Americans on a previous goal. Pot/Kettle there “One Way”. You also didn’t comment on the racial slurs being thrown at a player by the “classy” Americans. There is a reason for the term “Ugly American” being used the world around, you and your kind, not average every day Americans who are mostly nice people. Not all Americans are stupid, just a little over half as they voted for Bush… twice. Spend your spare time at the corner rink playing for the love of the game and you might learn something about it or stick to reporting basketball.

    P.S. Your superior team just lost to Slovakia. Good luck playing for 5th.

  7. worldhockeydaily

    “There is a reason for the term “Ugly American” being used the world around.” – from ‘someone who played hockey’

    Thanks, Canada, for confirming how confused you are. Do you not realize you are a BIG part of the greatest imperial power the world has ever known?

    George Bush?

    Have you ever heard of Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth? Maybe I’m giving you too much credit. Do you not realize there were natives in Canada before YOU got there, too?

    Besides, I was talking about a game, not politics and hate-mongering. Americans don’t hate Canada. Why would we?

    We that play hockey are just tired of you having your way and manipulating everything so that you win. Is winning THAT important to you? You’ve made hockey into a blood-sport even in the international arena. Sooner or later it’ll get taken from you.

    I can’t wait until that happens.

    Oh yeah, who won the ’06 Olympic tournament? Who won the Stanley Cup last year?

    Canada, you’re losing your grasp on the game of hockey and the world will take it back. It may take a while longer, but it WILL happen.


  8. worldhockeydaily

    You keep talking about manipulating everything so Canada wins. Can you provide some solid evidence of this, or is this more of the typical whining we can expect on this blog?

  9. someone who has played hockey before

    We are just competing to win our 5th straight world junior championship IN A ROW. Are we really fading that fast. We win because WE ALL LOVE TO PLAY HOCKEY.We live, eat, sleep and breathe it.

    As for the British monarchy, WHAT????

    Sounds to me like you should be watching figure skating and talk with a lisp.

    Detroit had a bunch of Europeans, Canadians and oh yeah, Ty Conklin and Chris Chelios. Sweden not the US won in 06.

    The IIHF and IOC do everything they can to supress Canada’s dominance of the game and change the rules to cause difficulties. Can you imagine the Club World Cup changing FIFA rules in soccer as the world bodies do contrary the the TOP league, the NHL. Play by the non-watered down, non-American television audience appeasing rules (since most Americans prefer figure skating) and you won’t see any more Eric Tangradi cheap shots from the bench because he might have to stand up for himself like a man. Instead Sean Avery is the American role model. Turn on some 1980’s Oilers hockey and you’ll see skill (Gretsky, Messier etc..) and toughness (Dave Semenko, Dave Brown) all together in one game.

    The USA has the most influence (read money) in the sport not Canada. We just supply the talent. If you want to talk about succes in US hockey, stick to 1980 olympics where a lot of hard work, great coaching and oodles of luck got you a gold medal. Congratulations. That was your peak.

    Canada didn’t make hockey a blood sport, WE MADE HOCKEY GREAT.

  10. Jimmy boo

    This article is the biggest joke I have ever read. Whiny Americans, what else is new! and to the moron how just said that an American team won the Stanley Cup last year might want to realize that there were only 4 Americans on the roster, as compared to 16 Canadians along with a Canadian Head Coach, and it was Sweden that won the 2006 Olympics nooooot the USA, nice try tho!! ohh PS the NHL is 52% Canadian players and 21.6% American, yet we only have less than 1/10 the population you do! That says alot!!

  11. worldhockeydaily

    mr. someone,

    while you are entertaining, your ignorance and small-mindedness make it difficult you difficult to take seriously.
    Did you honestly believe I was saying the Americans won the Cup last year and the Olympics in ’06. For a hockey fan, you’re pretty uninformed. I would have, of course, been referring to the Swede’s. Arguably the best hockey nation on earth at the moment.
    Don’t forget that the Americans won Gold in ’60 as well, and that before your thug children destroyed Adam Deadmarshes career, we also won that little World Cup of Hockey in the mid-90’s by dismantling your dream-team.
    Only a Canadian hockey homers would be upset by Tangredi’s stick being in that fools way. The laws of physics (if you know what physics is) tell you that you cannot parade your face through a forest of foreign objects an hope to emerge unscathed. Not to mention, what was that guy doing halfway on the American bench? Don’t you also educate your athletes up there?

    “ohh PS the NHL is 52% Canadian players and 21.6% American, yet we only have less than 1/10 the population you do! That says alot!!”
    – well I guess that means that you’re not very good at your own self-appointed national sport if America can have that high a percentage and not even care about the game. How many Canadians are there in the NFL, NBA, MLB, or even MMA?

    The world should boycott your hockey and let you keep knocking the shit out of each other until nothing is left…

    PS – Do you know why Victoria is called Victoria, or why Alberta is called Alberta, or why that woman is on your money? Does an American have to tell you?

  12. 12:45PM

    No evidence, just whining.

  13. someone who has played hockey before

    Georges St Pierre MMA Champion, Steve Nash NBA MVP, Jason Bey MLB All Star, but sorry the NFL is a second rate game to the CFL, it bores me to death so I can’t list them. I could list many more outstanding Canadian athletes but it is irellevant to hockey.

    By the way, I am well aware of Canadian history and the British Monarch being the (figure) head of our state but I fail to understand what this has to do with the subject at hand.

    You know, others on this site and I have given factual arguments against your unbased opinions. I dare say that we can best you with a keyboard and intelligence as well as on the ice with skill, physical toughness, mental toughness, with or without the gloves on. Any way you want to try. Have you noticed there is not one blogger who agrees with you. You lost just like your team USA. You should both deal with it.

    Go watch Don Cherry’s coaches corner and try to learn something.

    I have to thank you for trying to hang in there, I haven’t had this much fun embarrassing anyone in years.

    PS that would be goemetry, not physics. The force of the resulting impact would be physics, Einstein.

  14. Go Ducks

    “I guess emotions were riding very high on both teams,” Canadian forward Chris Di-Domenico, a draft pick of the Leafs, said yesterday, when asked about taking the blade of Eric Tangradi’s stick in the face while skating by the American bench to celebrate with teammates.

    “They were up 3-0 and they came beside our bench on three goals, so I just went by their bench. I don’t know if it was accidental or on purpose, but his stick came out and caught me in the face. He didn’t really slash me, he just kind of put it out there. It hit me a little bit in the nose, but it was nothing serious.”

    Go to the 2:15 mark to see the stick lowered to the face.

  15. worldhockeydaily

    That’s certainly a long list of Canadian heroes playing in the NBA.
    I can’t even fathom the ridiculousness of saying the CFL is better than the NFL. But it’s your mind, you’re free to waste it.
    You’re the one who brought up politics because you think you and Canada are beyond reproach. I just thought I’d point out that you live in an imperialist country yourself, so I wonder how a Canadian can talk about OUR government like you do without knowing you are a hypocrite. Again, you’re free to waste your mind.
    And though you talk a tough game over the computer you assume you’re a better hockey player just because your Canadian. What a shocker….
    Maybe we can organize something, somehow.
    Keep involved in worldhockeydaily and maybe it will come to fruition (do you know what “fruition” means?).
    And I’m sorry to tell you this, but Geometry is defined as: “Geometry is a part of mathematics concerned with questions of size, shape, and RELATIVE position of figures and with properties of space.
    The key word in that definition is “relative” and they don’t mean your “aunt/mother,’ or your “sister/wife.”
    The other stuff is still physics.
    Although you did a great job with your spellling.
    A for effort.

  16. worldhockeydaily


    Wonder where he learned that?

  17. someone who has played hockey before

    I can’t beleive that you are standing up for George W. That explains a lot!

  18. Steve

    Comparing a crosscheck to a violent stick swing. Nice. I was giving you some credit, but that is completely thrown out the window now. You don’t swing your stick in this game. I forgot one. This one is by far the worst.

  19. Steve

    Also Gary Suter deserves everything he ever got, after almost ruining our beloved Kings Great One’s career.
    What would have happened to hockey in the southern states had Gretzky been done after that.

  20. worldhockeydaily

    Go Ducks.
    I only see one group of players responsible for the DiDomenico incident. DiDomenico and his buddies. Plus it was a pretty nice dive after his visor got brushed. If you’re not familiar with soccer, Italians are big on the theatrics.

    As I’ve said before, even if you want to condemn Tangredi for moving his stick while he’s sitting on his own bench (and you ARE a Ducks fan, right?), it’s one player acting alone, just like Hayes – not a group acting under orders from their coach who just happened to also coach the Broadstreet Bullies of the late-70’s.

  21. worldhockeydaily

    Have you no recollection of Tony Granato’s over-the-head (plus, he’s American, too)?
    Plus, I think if you watch that first Suter video, the guy who got it had at least something coming…and I’m sure Suter got an ejection. No?
    Della Rovere got 2 minutes.

  22. someone who has played hockey before

    Fred Shiro was the coach and architect of the Broadstreet Bullies.

  23. Dissapointed

    The Americans started everything when their player taunted the Canadian bench after scoring. The Canadians retalliated by doing the same thing back. Its pretty clear that the American player stuck his stick out over the bench just as the Canadian player was skating by, the Canadian player was in no way leaning over the bench. Della Rovere’s hit was somewhat dirty and called wrong by the officials but he did serve a ten minute misconduct and Pat Quinn would not play him after that. As far as the officiating goes, both the refs and linesmen were European, chosen so that they would not play favorites and they called the game fairly. I was dissapointed by the Canadian player getting out of the box a few seconds early but this was not the officials fault as the clock had malfunctioned. You go on and on about the Canadians and how dirty they are but you do not mention anything done wrong by the Americans. This may be the most biased article i have ever read.

    I am also an American and am upset in the outcome of the game but I cannot agree with your article at all.

  24. someone who has played hockey before

    Thank god DiDomenico was wearing a visor. I don’t remember it being legal to stand on your own bench and spear an opposing player on the ice. Just poor sportsmanship and sour grapes. Van Riemsdyke was the one holding his face after being bumped IN THE RIBS against the boards after pushing a Canadian player during the goal celebration. Watch the video.

  25. hockey

    Regardless of what happened in the US vs. Canada game and who’s at fault for what, Team USA should’ve shrugged it off and prepare for their game against the Slovaks tonight. A team of true character and grit would’ve used the loss to Canada as extra motivation to beat the Slovaks so it has a chance to play Canada again and beat them.

    Instead Team USA played like they already lost the gold and had no desire to even play against the underdog Slovaks. Of course it didn’t help that McCollum let in a few soft goals and that completely deflated the team. Once again, if the goaltender is not playing his best the team should rally around him and try to help him out as much as possible by blocking shots, clearing rebounds etc but I did not see that tonight.

    Sadly, all you see Team USA doing the past two games was sulk, pout and stomp their feet – a stark contrast to the swagger three games prior when they beat up inferior teams. And this is nothing new; if you go back to previous international showings Team USA always seemed to play this way – “Gold or Nothing” – which is a good attitude but doesn’t mean that you should give up if you are out of the hunt for Gold or had a little adversity!!!!!

    I am very disappointed to say the least. Hopefully someone high up in Hockey USA realizes they simply can’t just throw a bunch of best skilled players together and hope they win – team chemistry and characters count!

  26. post at 3:27am

    I think you said it right. Della Rovere didn’t play much after that. He hasn’t done much but hurt the team so far, with some stupid penalties.
    I also noticed Tangradi lost serious ice time after that. Was that the reason why?
    And the last post Hockey. Well said. USA may have had the most talented team on paper, and this isn’t the first time either. But without a solid TEAM, raw talent can only take you so far. It starts with coaching and Rolston is/was terrible. A coach needs much more poise than that.
    I really wanted a North American final, because who better to lose to than the US, a team of players that I get to see play in my backyard regularly. McCollum will visit a couple more times this year. One can hope he plays that bad against my Knights from now on.
    Hopefully Canada will get by the Russians.
    It’s funny, but this year Russia is the aggressive hard hitting team, and Canada is the more skilled, skating team. (Della Rovere aside) How some things change.

  27. worldhockeydaily

    hockey – I didn’t get to see the game today, yet, but there’s a lot of criticism going on of our side right now. I find it unbelievable. If it’s true that there is infighting at USAHockey, I’d imagine that it might have something to do with the loss to Slovakia and Rolston’s “failure” to match the canadian’s blood-lust. I would expect Rolston gets fired undeservedly and that the next time the two teams meet someone will get killed or paralyzed. The canadians are afraid to play the game by the rules because they aren’t good enough anymore.
    I was proud of our side after the New Year’s Eve loss (it was a one goal game to the supposed “best international team in the world”), but I’m sure that those that want retaliation will win out. It’s a shame because Rolston is undeserving of the criticism and Canada is moving on, like nothing happened.

    dissapointed – You think the game was called fairly? I disagree. If you can recognize the bias in my article you should be able to recognize it on the ice. But we Americans are becoming apologists. There was a time when we’d wreak some havoc if our boys were treated like this in a country that hates us. Canada knows we’re weak, but it’s not our hockey team, it’s our citizenry.

    The most embarrassing thing about USAHockey is not Ron Rolston, it’s our country’s lack of support for these boys – not to mention USASoccer, which can’t get support even inside it’s own borders.

    Someone – Get an encyclopedia and learn how to read. Pat Quinn coached the Flyers from 78-82. You call yourself a hockey fan?

  28. someone who has played hockey before

    Sorry to correct you again “World”,

    but after Fred Shero left due to illness, the Flyers were no longer the Broad Street Bullies, that moniker ended in 76-77 when Dave Schultz was traded away to the Kings.

    Not to criticize the Flyers as they and the Big Bad Bruins in the 70’s combined some great skill (Bobby Orr, Reggie Leach, Bobby Clarke etc..) combined with some tough hockey that was some of the most entertaining hockey of all time.

    The day that the Red Army didn’t want to come out for the third period because the Flyers were too rough showed how dominant “Canadian Hockey” was and would still be if it wasn’t for the US Network influence on the NHL making the game more family freindly for US viewers (The Flyers won 4-1 I think).

    No one would have speared Bobby Clarke in the face from the bench because Dave Schultz or one of a host of tough guys would have made him accountable. Go back to 1970’s NHL rules and you won’t see the dangerous, dirty stick work that you see today from some American and European players.

    I don’t want to watch Brian Boitano play hockey. It’s a tough game not for wimps like you. You obviously don’t understand the game.

    Canada doesn’t hate the US, just people like you, Eric Tangradi and Jack Johnson (if you remember his cheap shots last Juniors). We know and love the game and hate to see it degraded by after the play stick shots to the face.

    I hate to agree with you but you are right that the American public doesn’t stand behind their Juniors, most of them don’t know that they exist. Lacrosse and skateboarding get higher network ratings there.

    You are wrong to blame your loss on the public though, your boys lost on the ice not in the media. MAN UP ALREADY.

  29. JrBHockeyFan

    WOW! Biased reporting, scandals on the ice, conspiracy theories and a coaches accusing an official of being intimidated. Is this hockey or figure skating because it sure sounds more like the latter.
    As another poster had said, and Don “Grapes” Cherry showed in on video replay, the only reason Tavares did his “little show” by the U.S. bench was because the U. S. did it first and wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine.
    If the U.S. was really that good of a TEAM, then they would have won the game regardless. Instead they believed their own print and thought that after having a 3-0 lead the game was in the bag. However GREAT teams don’t let something like a bad start get them down. Instead they dig deeper, work harder, skate faster, outhustle their opposition to the puck and believe in each other – including a goalie who they knew hadn’t played much in the previous number of days but KNEW he could keep them in it if they could start lighting the lamp – and they did.
    What I find so amusing is the whining by the U.S. media and from them I learn that the team has jumped into the same boat. Give me a break. The Americans had plenty of chances to get back into the game. Yeah, Canada took a 4-3 lead on a goal that had too many men but the U.S. came back and tied it. At that point perhaps someone on the U.S. bench should have taken a time out and talked with the players – calm them down. Instead the coach continues to rant at the official and the boys follow suit. Hockey isn’t for sissies and if you don’t like what’s happening on the ice then suck it up and play the game. Otherwise don’t bother showing up.
    Then the U.S. team gets a second chance to advance to the medal round. Instead of coming back and showing some resiliance against a Slovak team that played them just as the Canadians did, the U.S. just seemed to crumble under the weight of some expectation known only to them. I felt bad for these young men because they are still young and as a TEAM they were considered one of the top four for gold. Although I rejoiced in the win for Slovakia I feel bad for most of the players on the U.S. team – too bad I can’t say the same for their coaches.
    That being said – GO CANADA GO!!!!

  30. cristobal

    It’s amazing how little you “hockey-wise” canadians consider how a 5 minute major, and a game misconduct for Della Rovere would have changed that game.
    But the Americans are the one’s who don’t “get” hockey and are “whiners.”
    Canada’s fans are as big a disgrace as their hockey programs mentality – win-at-all-costs.
    You won the game and you’re complaining.
    Tavares got his taunt in on his first goal. The display of multiple Canadian players on the second goal was a disgrace, and they’re lucky an American didn’t really want to injure any Canadians Della-Rovere-style. You people are pathetic.
    Why should America listen Don Cherry?
    Give him a bucket of KFC and put him to bed.
    Besides, we already have Vince McMahon soiling the world of “Sports.” We don’t need hockey’s Col. Sanders.

  31. coach

    Coach’s game plans usually consist of telling their team to wait until we get a minute powerplay then we will win the game there. If that powerplay doesn’t come then we will lose.
    That is what you are saying when you say that a 3 minute variation in a penalty changed the game.
    What about the non boarding call on Shattenkirk for the hit on Boychuk. Boychuck actually left the game with an injury.
    What’s the saying. Those with glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.
    I see 1 person in here against everyone. Everything you have said has been disputed by facts, yet you continue to say the same things. It seemed like earlier you had a big mouth, but both feet?

  32. cristobal

    Jrb – You make some good points about the failure against Slovakia and even the Canada game. Nobody disputes that the Canadians won the game, or that the USA didn’t play their best.
    Maybe you can point me to the media stories that are whining, because I haven’t seen the story even mentioned down here where I live – Los Angeles. In fact, this is the first time we’ve had “real” access to this tournament through the NHL Network, which may have something to do with how those games are being run. Even though the players are not paid, the officials are, and I even suspect their is money exchanging hands for favors. It’s happened in sports before and what better forum to do it in than a sport that the world ignores.
    The problem with the Canada/USA game goes deeper than individuals performing poorly in a game, or a couple of players acting out in irresponsible ways. It has to do with what was on display – a “game” where the IIHF was brushed aside, it’s officials lost control of the game, and young players were getting run, high-sticked, cross-checked, taunted, and punched after the whistle.
    The outcry is directed primarily at the IIHF because the rest of the world doesn’t want to play by “canada-rules.”
    Jack Johnson embarrassed the USA 4 years ago, we don’t want dirty play. The USA team got embarrassed on the ice by the Russians a few years ago, then embarrassed themselves by perpetrating borderline-assault on some of the Russian players. We don’t want that in the game. That’s why Ron Rolston shouldn’t be under fire right now. Game tactics are one arena, controlling the players behavior is another.
    I’m sure Canada wants Ron Rolston fired because tactically he threatens your domination. Even with John Tavares, Canada was lucky to get out of that game with a victory; and, even with more depth on defense, Canada had to cheat there way to victory on the score-board.
    Team Canada, you can’t say you didn’t embarrass yourselves because you don’t know the meaning of “sportsmanship.” At least not in the game of Hockey.
    BTW – You better not lose, now. You’ve talked way too much.

  33. coach

    The outcry is directed primarily at the IIHF because the rest of the world doesn’t want to play by “canada-rules.”

    Canada and Usa play the same game. You can’t keep saying things with no basis to them or else you get what you get on here. No one will listen to you.
    Try and locate the last 8-10 games between these two teams at this tournament. I guarantee you, your opinion will change. And if it doesn’t then you just prove my point that you have never watched any hockey before this year, and you are just typing things to see your thoughts in print.
    But please watch at least one of these games before you comment again.

  34. cristobal

    Someone – You salty, old dog, you. I know you love me.
    You’re wrong, however, about the Broad Street Bullies. It’s just a nickname because they played on Broad St. and they were bullies. Not because of one player.
    And that game against the Soviets was before my time, but ironically, I saw the story on the NHL Network just yesterday. That display was an even bigger disgrace than the game on New Year’s Eve. The Soviets should not even have returned to the ice.
    It was an exhibition game, in Philly, during the Cold War, and you and the Flyers of the time think that behavior is warranted?
    Not to mention, they did it for Al Snider who happened to be pimping them for media attention and ratings. The guy owned Comcast for Pete’s sake.
    Canada has had some of the greatest hockey players in history, yet Canada has no problem selling them. If you’re such a proud hockey country, why do you let the NHL run the game? Why do you sell your best players for money? Why do you need America’s dollars to pay your athletes? Can’t you spare the “loonies” to pay them and keep them home?
    Even England has the best soccer league on the planet and you could never take their football away from them. Canada pimps out it’s own game and then turns in hate towards the country they sold it to.
    So tell me “Someone who’s played hockey,” how old are you and can you remember the WHA? While the Flyers were busy disgracing the game of hockey there were good young Canadian boys playing the game for the love of it and posing a huge threat to the NHL. Why weren’t they supported and why has the NHL been allowed to steal the game from YOU?

  35. someone who has played hockey before

    Dear Cristobal,

    your comments show that you should switch to watching figure skating because hockey confuses you.

    Have you ever heard of a Gordie Howe hat trick? He was and is Mr. Hockey.

    To answer your personal questions, I am old enough to have attended many WHA hockey games as a child. I even had a Bobby Orr Lunch box in grade 1. I am 42.

    My day today consisted of watching 2 junior games, attending an Oilers game and playing a beer league game. Amazing my gorgeous wife doesn’t divorce me. The only woman I’d trade her for is Haley Wickenheiser (not as good to look at but man can she play hockey).

    It was a GREAT DAY.

    Congraqtulations Oilers.

    Congratulations Canadian Juniors!!!

    Congratulations also to the Russian team for a fine performance. I thought they had us. They played an excellent physical game that nearly dethroned the reigning champs. WELL DONE!!!

    Great game, no whining between the two greatest hockey nations on earth.

    Can’t wait to see Jordan Eberle play for the Oilers.

    Crystal balls, learn to appreciate tough, skilled, hardnosed hockey and you too may become a true fan.


  36. cristobal

    dwayne – worldhockeydaily and cristobal are one in the same.

    You know, you nearly brought a tear to my eye the way you described how great your day was and how much you love your wife. I think you ought to show it to her and you’ll have a freakin’ great night, too.

    I think sooner or later you’re going to come ’round and see that the Jordan Eberle’s are the players you want Canada to emulate. Not the stereotypical canadian-hockey-storm-trooper blasting his way through the goal in a wake of blood. Why can’t Canada retire all the stuff after the whistle: the cross-checking, the rabbit-punches, shooting the puck at the opposition? And its pretty strange how a Canadian shooting the puck at a Russian player well, well after the whistle isn’t even a second thought. The fascists roll on to victory. Which in the end is so ironically circular – that your hockey team is exhibiting the same strong-arm tactics you condemn the US government for using. Sadly, you fail to recognize the hypocrisy. Do you really hate your opposition so much you’re willing to injure, or are you so afraid of letting down your patriarchs (Patrick Roy) you go to any lengths to win? USA Hockey is trying to get rid of paralyzed youngsters and a “brawl” mentality in its GAMES. After all, its just a game, and it’s already chock full of violence when played within the boundaries of the game.

    A “Dirty Canadians” moniker sure makes for a stirring game with lots of nastiness, though. I was glad to see that, for the most part, Canada didn’t look intent on injuring people. They got away with, I’d say, a penalty every 10 seconds or so, but none of it was anything like the Shattenkirk boarding.

    There is already a body count in hockey – Steve Moore is one, I’ll leave you to think about some of the others. I really don’t like to even post some of the names that come to mind because it makes me sick to think that certain players have acted so irresponsibly in life yet the NHL continues to let them play in it’s league and earn millions. All for the Yankee dollar. It’s pathetic.

  37. JrBHockeyFan

    Funny how you want to mention about players being paid in U.S. bucks but it’s the teams in Canada that’s keeping the game afloat in many places in U.S. so please get off your high horse about it being all about the almight Yankee dollar.

    Playing by Canada-rules — ha, that’s another funny. Seems to me that the U.S. had not one but TWO five on three chances in the first period and could have almost put the game away. Instead they tried to play not to lose.

    As for the beloved coach of the U.S. team and his comments – well I’ve seen coaches tossed from games for less. Granted his actions were mild but his accusations were not.

    The team itself, on paper they looked to be one dominant force to be reckoned with but again there was a MAJOR flaw – they don’t play like a TEAM often enough in their games. Too much individualism tends to lead to selfish plays and it usually catches up with you on the scoreboard as it did in this game. I always feel bad for the players when a team loses and I did again for the young men on the U.S. team – it’s just too bad they didn’t play as a TEAM in either the game against Canada nor against Slovakia. I wish all the young men when they eventually go back to their respective teams. Perhaps U.S. hockey needs to look at what it takes to make these young men work as a team – other countries seem to manage it.

    Coach, you got it exactly right. The U.S. and Canada play rather similar types of hockey and I’m guessing it’s probably because so many of these young men play with and against each other on their regular junior teams. The writer of this blog has been successful – he’s got dialogue going on an article that is sure to stir up some anger from Canadians. Be careful what you wish for – you might get it and more!

  38. worldhockeydaily

    JrB – Could you provide a link or page that I can find those comments by Ron Rolston you mentioned?

    I think I’ve documented how the Canadians play pretty well and I think the US getting up 3-0 when the officials are making the right calls shows that I’m correct. The fact that Canada has played the last two 2nd periods on the power-play works right into the equation: flood the game with minor infractions until the officials just cannot feel fair calling them anymore. They then begin to penalize the other team for any perceived infraction, whether it’s legit or not. The “flooding” team then continues their small infractions and harassment, all while receiving the bulk of the middle-game power plays. The Canadians have barely survived despite totally controlling the game – the problem is that they aren’t effective enough on the power-play to stretch their lead, or, they were too far behind when they are able to score on the PP to put the game to bed. Fortunately for Canada, both the USA and Russia were coming off of games the previous night. I’d venture to say that a Canadian has a big say in the scheduling, too. Though, of course Russia made the mistake of not showing up against the Swedes.

    What do you guys think will happen in the Gold Medal Game? I don’t think any predictions based on the Russia/Sweden : Russia/Canada comparisons will hold water tomorrow. I expect a close game and, hopefully, another great one. Canada has certainly delivered some great and exciting games. I don’t see tomorrow being much different.

    I also think you’re making too much of the USA losing. It’s a little disrespectful to Slovakia to say that the US embarrassed itself in losing that game. Slovakia is a proud and talented hockey nation. There’s no shame in losing to them. Plus, that kid Janus looked great, while McCollum was meh…
    Also, look up Jon Blum’s story and I think you’ll be a little more respectful of our boys. There are more important things in life than “games.”

    Finally, I’m not saying Canada isn’t a passionate hockey country – I’d be a fool to argue that – but you’ve pimped you national sport out to the highest bidder. The NHL is a nasty little business that I like but think could be much better. Read my article “5 ways I’d change the KHL” as I originally wrote it about the NHL but get so frustrated with it’s ‘braintrust’ that I have a hard time believing they’ll EVER do what’s best for hockey. They only care about DOLLARS. In addition, you’re calling our boys spoiled and factional. What I see is a lot of Canadian boys making more money than they should. Even Gretzky was “sold” mostly for the money. Twenty years ago the greatest hockey player in the world, arguably, was earning about a million a year. Now we have Sydney Crosby getting what? Almost 9 million? Has that much money really come into the game? I don’t think that the best soccer players in the world are making that much, and there’s billions more in soccer than in hockey. I’d say all these guys are living above their means and the sense of “entitlement” is prevalent in every hockey playing nation. Ironically, Dustin Brown signed for WAY below market value and makes about half of what he’d attract on the open market. I also view him as one of the cleanest hitters, and all around players, in the league.

  39. coach

    “The fact that Canada has played the last two 2nd periods on the power-play works right into the equation: flood the game with minor infractions until the officials just cannot feel fair calling them anymore” Russia was the team going to the box in period 1. Canada was the team going to the box in the 3rd. So that argument works for the Russian team in that circumstance.
    The IIHF doesn’t care. If there is a penalty they’ll call it. I’ve seen games where it’s been 3 on 3 for 9-10 minutes of the game.

    “the problem is that they aren’t effective enough on the power-play to”
    I dont think you watched enough of their PP in the tourney. Something like 18 for 30 before that game. http://stats.iihf.com/Hydra/172/IHM172100_84_1_0.pdf
    Even in that game they had 17 shots on 8 PP with several good chances(crossbar, post). Unfortunately they weren’t able to set up the 1-3-1, they had been using. Ryan Ellis on the point is the key. He is fourth in points/game in the OHL, and he is a dman.
    I think tomorrow’s game comes down to the PP again. If Canada is able to use In the exhibition game they played Canada outshot them 40?-20? winning 4-1. Moeller scored though. Hedman didn’t play well. I look for him to play better. Watch out for Simon Hjamarsson. Also check out the Swedes 4th goal against Slovakia if you can. Check out the move Mattias Tedenby puts on twice. Simply rediculous.
    Anyway I posted a little something about the scheduling before, but seeds are the base for who and when you play. They used to have a game between the QF and SF,and then no rest before the final but then changed the rest to the SF and F, not sure when or why, but it was in the last few years. The u17 tourney teams all play 6 in 7 days.

    I really like Brown. He used to play in Guelph which is a bitter rival to the team I watched mainly . He has always seemed to get his pims though. I’ve been lucky to see several future kings play around here in the last years. sully, doughty, moulson, simmonds,brown. And with this tourney going on there are so many kings that once played in it. The future looks bright.

  40. worldhockeydaily

    “The fact that Canada has played the last two 2nd periods on the power-play works right into the equation: flood the game with minor infractions until the officials just cannot feel fair calling them anymore”

    That was poor wording on my part. I’d have to check on the other stuff, but I meant that in the last 2 games (USA/Russia) the Canadians spent nearly all of the 2nd period playing with an advantage. I think the tactics had a lot to do with Della Rovere not being ejected with a major for that boarding on Shattenkirk, especially considering it is a IIHF tourney.

    I did see that move by Tedenby, it was sick. I don’t see him getting by with that against Canada, however. There’s no doubting that Canada has the best pure depth of talent on the defensive side. Despite my bias, I recognize that the Amercs D was exposed for their weaknesses – lack of size and poor decision making.

    I can’t figure how this is going to go tomorrow. I don’t think there’s any way to know how it will play out. The Swedes have a talented side and work really well as a team, but I think Canada can knock the best off their game on any day. I hope it’s decided by one goal, though.

    That’s cool you’ve been seeing those players come through. I really wish hockey were respected more around the world so that we’d have compelling teams all over the place. I don’t know if you’ve checked out the “5 ways…” article yet, but let me know what you think about my ideas for the future of hockey.


  41. hockeyhockeyhockey

    re: Could you provide a link or page that I can find those comments by Ron Rolston you mentioned?

    At 3:40, Ron Rolston: “He can’t run down our fucking bench!”

  42. worldhockeydaily

    I think Bob McKenzie actually came in his pants right after that goal.
    Its amazing to me you still think this is bad on the Amercs part, or that Ron Rolston was out of line.
    He’s completely correct and USA Hockey is disgraced by not backing him. The officials had COMPLETELY lost control of the game and were inept.
    I liked the shot near the end of the video where every players stick is hanging over the boards like always. Tangredi should have been booted from at least the game, but all 5 Canadians on the ice should have gone as well (they actually push the linesman out of the way going to the Amercs bench).
    And if you think I’m biased, what is Bob McKenzie? At least I’m not preaching to the choir. I’m a lone voice crying in the wilderness.

    Thanks for that link. It’s much different from what we got here in the States.

  43. Jack


    Clearly you need a job and need to lay off the blogging. I read a few of your posts and quickly realized you dont understand that fighting and touchness has always been part of the game. I think you have listed every excuse why the US did not win this hockey game, but you left out one…THE USA WERE NOT SUPPOSTO BEAT CANADA ON NEW YEARS EVE.

    I am not taking jabs at your country.I do believe you have a good hcokey program, but I will take jab at you loosing a hockey game and not letting go. Hockey is a game which must determine and winner and a loser, and in this case we stood in the winners circle.

    Please do me a favour and admit to all the bloggers and admit Canada has the best hockey programs in the world.

  44. worldhockeydaily

    From my cold, dead lips Jack.
    Of course you can claim that title today against Sweden.
    Even though you cheat.
    I’m not listing excuses, either, I’m calling attention to the ineptitude of the officials; and the cheating, unsportsmanlike tactics of the Canadians.
    I’ve never said they didn’t deserve the win the US game, though. As long as the tactics work, you can’t argue with the outcome, just the non-calls – and that’s the IIHF’s problem.
    They’re allowing their tournament to be controlled by Canada and don’t have competent officiating.

  45. Jack

    Apparently you didnt see that gold V on the hats after Canada won. I think that meant 5 in a row, but correct me if im wrong?

    Give it up.

  46. worldhockeydaily


    It sounds like you actually think YOU won, too – the hallmark of delusion.
    Canada won Gold, but do you really believe it wasn’t bought? And with American dollars, I’m sure.
    Canada, your tactics are golden. Keep turning off the fans of hockey and you’ll soon have it all to yourself. Then you can overpay all these athletes that nobody cares to watch goon it up. I’d say you’d even have a pre-arranged all-star team with
    Steve Moore.
    Todd Bertuzzi.
    Marty McSorley.
    Chris Simon.
    Chris Pronger.
    Brian Marchment.
    Craig Muni.
    and Kenny Linesman.
    Just throw Hextall in net.
    Oh, and you can throw in Chris Neil, too.
    As you said, it’s all about “touchness.”

  47. Jack

    Overpaid athletes that noone cares to watch? I guess the 21, 000 people that attended the world juniour tournament and the 25 million viewers that tuned in to watch MINOR hockey didnt have any intrest in the game.

    So after all this, the real reason you are on here crying about hockey is because you are jealous they are making so much money (and you couldnt make it past atom or peewee because you wernt talented enough). Well us hockey fans who appreciate the game will continue buying tickets, merchandise and support the game while you go pay your 200 american dollars to watch a boring basketball game.

    No if we were to choose an all time all star team it would consist of guys such as


    Cant wait till the 2010 olympics so we can see what you can cry about then. You have alot of time to think of your excuses, so get your notebook out.

    Are you done yet?

  48. Jack

    P.S- Why is Steve Moore in your “special list of goons”?

    Do you watch hockey or just read the paper…

  49. Michael

    “I was proud that the American boys didn’t engage in such disgraceful behavior.”

    And the slant begins…
    The way most people see it (who don’t let national loyalty spin their view), the Americans are the ones who brought the unsportsmanlike conduct to the game, and the Canadians finished with it.

    “the Americans stood tall, battled with honor”

    LMFAO. Battled with honor? That must be what you call VanRiemsdyk, wallowing on the ground, soccerplaying it up trying to draw a penalty, from a minor push. Go watch the replay if you don’t believe it.

    “we should be proud that the better team lost but weren’t out there trying to hurt people or taunt the opposition in front of their own bench after goals. I’m glad to see these kids maintain their composure and show some CLASS”

    This is the biggest joke of all in your “article”. Jimmy Hayes- you know, an American- was the FIRST PLAYER to taunt the opposing bench, in the first period, when he made it 2-0. The Team USA loss probably starts with him. Rubbing it in Canada’s face so early on is probably what sparked Canada to say, “we’re not going to lose to these hotdoggers”.

    Here’s the proof for any naysayers!


    Click on the Jan 1st video, to watch what a jackass Jimmy Hayes is! I’d like to see what author of this article thinks of that?

    It’s strange how an American player thinks it’s okay to taunt the CDN team, early in the game no less- when I can count on 1 hand how many times USA has beaten Canada in WJ history. But that’s fine, he showed his true colours by acting like a jackass! He must feel like a douche now, since they ended up losing the game. USA didn’t even win the period! LMAO.

    Secondly, “USA wasn’t out there to hurt people”.. another blind eye by the writer of this article, who conveniently omits from his article Eric Tangradi deliberately poking out his stick out to clip DiDomenico in the face. Watch the replay. Stick in the face isn’t out there to hurt people I guess?

    Granted, DiDomenico shouldn’t have been celebrating like that in front of the USA bench, but hey- USA STARTED IT- I guess it’s only okay when USA is winning, and they’re doing it to the CDN bench.

    The slant that this writer gives this article is so biased, to try to make USA look like they were angels, and Canada demons. It was a much greyer affair than that, but anyone who actually watched the whole game knows that.

    In reality, the Ameriks were the first to start the taunting (not mentioned in this article at all), the first with the deliberate dirty stuff (not mentioned in this article), and in the end, lost because of their giant ego. This bias in this article is laughable.

  50. Jack

    I agree!
    Worldhockeydaily your posts are not legit whatsoever.

  51. worldhockeydaily


    Funny that you keep returning to this issue. I thought you were confident in your bunch. Be happy I don’t know how to post Youtube video’s or I’d have hours of footage of canadian cheating and disgraceful behavior. You have this attitude that it’s OK to retaliate. I didn’t see Hayes’ taunts the first time I watched the game, but even if I had (and I thought his excitement over scoring was overthetop), it pales in comparison to Tavares celebration after his first goal, and is barely noticeable when compared to the reaction of the entire canadian team after the 2nd goal by canada.
    If Tangredi had wanted to injure Didomenico he would have. Your pathetic whining on that front is almost a challenge to really injure next time.
    As I’ve pointed out those two players, Hayes and Tangredi, acted alone and were responsible for their own behavior. Rolston didn’t send down a command (a la Crawford to Bert.) to get dirty as I know that Quinn did. The americans are trying to steer their KIDS away from dirty and dangerous behavior, hopefully, so that we don’t have incidents like Jack Johnson throwing an elbow at the end of a game that is decided. Canada seems to want that shit to continue. God help you if it does, there’ll be more Steve Moore’s coming. And I put him on your little list as a reminder that your game is cheap and unsportsmanlike. You don’t even have consideration for your own countrymen. I guess some sportsmanship is too much to ask of a hockey player. You’ve got to want to kill the opposition in order to have a compelling game.
    Jack, I didn’t start playing hockey until I was 17 year old but I’d probably hold my own with you. The difference between Canada and the USA is that you’ve got an extensive juniors system and YOU’RE SURROUNDED BY ICE. Do you know what it takes to get into the game when you live in California, like Jon Blum and Mitch Wahl? Not to mention, I don’t know one person outside of 2 or 3 friends who even know what the WJC’s are. So if you want to measure your success on thugging it up against countries that barely even know the game (and you have to thug it up because you can’t keep up with the hockey) I commend you on your achievements.
    Finally, it’s funny that you put Lemieux on your list because he hated the hacking, thug style that your WJC team employed. But for a couple of really nice shots and displays of skill your team won it by hacking, dumping and chasing, and cycling. Lemieux even retired the first time because he said he was sick of fighting disease AND all the hooking and interfering and chopping. Good example, Jack.
    Finally, it shows how Canadian hockey is going backwards. To win you employed the same tactics employed by the Philadelphia Flyers in 1976 to beat the Soviet Wings. You cheap-shot and intimidate with goonery until the opposition doesn’t even care about the game, but are trying to stay un-paralyzed. For a time you had a lot of skilled players coming through who weren’t known for being hacks – Sakic, Lemieux, Gretzky, Yzerman, Coffey, etc…but now the impetus is on nastiness and even Crosby is getting in on the act.
    Finally, I like that you put Brodeur on your list. He’s a great, standup guy, isn’t he? You might want to throw Roy on that list to because he’s an honorable and fair guy who knows that sportsmanship is an important part of the game. And, I’m sure he’s come out the victor when beating his wife probably 5 times in a row – so maybe you can get him a little hat too.
    Thanks Jack, you’re an amusing little man.

  52. worldhockeydaily


    I’m absolutely positive that the crowd and canadian players were completely innocent of taunting the americans before Hayes’s actions. They would never talk shit or taunt the american team, would they?
    Your victories are tainted by your cheating ways. Keep them up. They’ll be either death and injury or a crackdown on your tactics. Personally I hope its the IIHF actually enforcing the rules. The funniest part about all this, in my opinion, is that you guys don’t even understand the tactics your hockey team is employing. I thought you’ve been watching hockey your entire lives?

    Try reading something (don’t worry its not a book, it’s a hockey article) that will explain the game to you.


    By the way, the author is canadian, just like the THN guys who slandered the americans.

  53. Michael

    “I’m absolutely positive that the crowd and canadian players were completely innocent of taunting the americans before Hayes’s actions. They would never talk shit or taunt the american team, would they?”

    Are you that petty, that you would try to rationalize/diminsh Hayes action (for which you demonize the Canadian team, remember) to something inconsequential as in-game “shit talking”? Your bias is showing.. ;-)

    There’s quite a difference btw talking shit, and hotdogging it in front of the opposing team bench.

    I only brought up the point, because your ridiculous (and quite wrong) article was praising the USA for exactly NOT doing that, when they were in fact the team who started it. Do you not see the irony in that? Can you admit that, finally?

    Your assessment of that game (USA angels, Canada evil) is flat out wrong. But here you are, still battling to defend it, when everyone else reading these boards gives you a collective shake of their heads. Notice no one trying to defend you?

    “Your victories are tainted by your cheating ways.”

    Yes, christobal. Of course, christobal.
    Canada cheated its way to 5 straight gold medals. We also- as you previously suggested- paid off the European refs in the sums of 100,000’s of thousands of dollars, for a few extra calls and none-calls in the semi-finals against Russia, and also the finals against Sweden. Feel better?

    “Keep them up. They’ll be either death and injury or a crackdown on your tactics. Personally I hope its the IIHF actually enforcing the rules. The funniest part about all this, in my opinion, is that you guys don’t even understand the tactics your hockey team is employing. I thought you’ve been watching hockey your entire lives?”

    Yeah sure. We don’t understand our tactics, and you sure don’t understand how to look at a hockey game with any degree of honesty/fairness/accuracy. Everyone at this board realizes from where the ignorance starts… except 1 person, lol.

    “….. just like the THN guys who slandered the americans.”

    …. uhm, just like you slandered the Canadians?
    The irony remains..

  54. Jack

    Worldhockeydaily you remind me of Tucker Max, everything you write is complete BS. Dont quit your day job there tough guy.
    You started playing hockey when you were 17, so your 19 which means you have been playing hockey for 2 years now? No you could not keep up with me actually.

    “YOU’RE SURROUNDED BY ICE” relating how hard it is to find icetime in california.
    1. you probably dont live in California
    2.your population is over 5 times Canadas.
    3. US does have the intrest in hockey that Canada does, afterall you do support 26 NHL teams, dumbass.

  55. Jack

    You might also want to know that Mario Lemieux retired because he has cronic back pains. He took sometime off, played in the worldcup and one more season in Pittsburgh. He retired because of back problems not because “the game was getting to chippy”. Remeber, hes Canadian….. You will never hear a complaint about the game being “too chippy”, wossy.

    Good try tho!

    Why did Wayne Gretzky retire there worlhockeydaily? Was it because he didnt have someone to protect him? you seem to have all the insiders, lets hear the next stupid thing you have to say.

  56. worldhockeydaily


    I don’t know if you’re calling me 19 as an insult, or whether you’re serious. I’m almost 39.

    “You might also want to know that Mario Lemieux retired because he has cronic back pains. He took sometime off, played in the worldcup and one more season in Pittsburgh. He retired because of back problems not because “the game was getting to chippy”. Remeber, hes Canadian….. You will never hear a complaint about the game being “too chippy”, wossy.”

    This shows that, not only can you NOT spell, you don’t know shit about hockey. Go Curl.

    I can tangle with you if you want, but if you’re not going to make any sense, I’ll just delete your comments – all the way from california.

  57. worldhockeydaily


    I’ve never tried to hide my bias, here. Nobody is paying me so I don’t have to.
    I’m not saying Hayes is innocent, but I’ve never heard that two wrongs actually make a right.
    Tavares had his fun after his 1st goal, and Hayes taunt, although I don’t agree with it, was pretty subdued. He didn’t even turn his head in the benches direction. But, I do think it was stupid, I do agree that the americans didn’t respond in the right way to what canada was doing, and I’ve never said the Americans deserved the win. I want the game to be called like a JR. tournament should be called, which is totally unlike how an NHL game should be called. I also have yet to hear one canadian fan say that there should have been a major and an ejection for Della Rovere. Bottom line is canada knows how to stretch the rules, turn the officials, and the IIHF doesn’t have any control over their own tournament.
    Plus, if you think Hayes was “hotdogging” I’d just disagree. I think it was a ‘fuck you’ to the crowd and the bench, but not hotdogging. Either way, I don’t support it and if you hadn’t noticed, I wrote my little piece before I ever saw that it happened. I think the relatively “unnoticeable” aspect of that taunt shows just how insignificant it really was.

    “I only brought up the point, because your ridiculous (and quite wrong) article was praising the USA for exactly NOT doing that, when they were in fact the team who started it. Do you not see the irony in that? Can you admit that, finally?”

    – No, because I’m correct that canada cheats/stretches the rulebook. Why do you feel you’re “unbiased?” I don’t think canada is evil, I think their tactics in hockey are cheating, unfair, and that there is a failure to recognize what they are doing because for the most part it is subtle. Much like in american football where its argued that you can call a “holding” on every play, in hockey if you tug and chop continually, eventually the refs feel guilty for calling the penalties. They then, naturally, start calling it on the other team. Both the Russia and USA games went according to script. It’s in the “boxscore.” Just take a look.

    “Yeah sure. We don’t understand our tactics, and you sure don’t understand how to look at a hockey game with any degree of honesty/fairness/accuracy. Everyone at this board realizes from where the ignorance starts… except 1 person, lol.”

    I think this totally supports my contentions. No canadian is going to say, “hey, we’re winning by breaking the rules, let’s not do that.” The fact that everyone on here pretty much is in disagreement with me shows that only Canadians give a shit. For that you should be proud. I’d ask both you and “Jack”ass who you watched the games with, or how many people you know that watched them.
    I can think of one friend who I’m sure watched as much as he could have. Other than that, even many NHL fans around here didn’t even watch. They can go to the beach, the mountains, the desert, the city, etc…. There are other options around here. Plus, with the anti-hockey Canada gets to control the game with, there’s little skill and little fair-play, and outside of flashes of brilliance by the likes of Tavares or the American team, many sports fans here see hockey as a bunch of guys chasing a rubber thing around (which they have a hard time following) because it gives them an excuse to whack each other with sticks and fight.
    The lack of support for my arguments, and your vehemence in arguing against them, shows that Americans don’t really give a toss. I think that sucks. I think that the WJC’s and Olympics are the pinnacle of what hockey should/could be.

  58. bk

    are we supposed to be surprised that a yank is a poor loser? When American players, with their undeserved arrogance (umm, uncle sam, exactly how many gold medals have you won?) get a taste of their own medicine, they sulk; the bully can’t handle it. The excited states played a chippy game in that new year’s eve contest, too, but its apparently okay if uncle sam does it (maybe I should launch into a screed about american foreign policy, but I’ll resist the urge).

    And, by the way: don’t give me any more of this garbage about the americans explaining away their losses to canada as just proof that they don’t care about the WJHC; they care plenty – and so does the NHL, which subsidizes USA hockey in a way it has never subsidized canadian hockey

  59. bk

    if anything, we should be more startled by canada’s success than we are: the IIHF is a European house league and the NHL is an American-run, pro-American (and subtly anti-Canadian) corporation; in spite of that, canada finds a way to succeed.

    For the life of me, I can;t think of another international sport where the founding nation of the sport is treated so shabbily

    but we still win – and uncle sam, for all his arrogance and pretentiousness, finds new and ingenious ways to choke

  60. cristobal


    You should change your name to BJ because you have all the mental prowess of a cheap whore.

    By all means feel free to bring up US foreign policy you fucking idiot. I guess the fact that you’re a part of the BRITTISH EMPIRE is totally lost on you. Brilliant.

    Unbelievably, you think there is an anti-Canadian bias. I guess you’d have to step outside your cozy world of insecurity and petulance to realize that team Canada got every break possible in that tournament. And, you’ve devolved the thing into the Canada Cup by breaking the rules to the point that the IIHF has lost all control over their own tournament.
    Do you really think the IIHF wants to lose the Canadian audience before the medal round actually begins?
    Do us all a favor and go back to school and LISTEN this time.
    Your too big a dope to be walking the streets freely.

    Oh yeah, if you think the NHL bows down to anything but money, you’re still a fucking idiot.

  61. Winner

    Congrats to Canada on the Gold medal.
    Congrats to Cristobal on being the winner of the gold medal for crybabying. Congrats to all the winners.

  62. Swong

    I came across this blog recently when I was looking for recent news about Jordan Eberle, one of my favourite prospects.

    I understand you are a proud American and your blog obviously reflects that bias. But come on, let’s be realistic: in the Canada-USA game, Canada and USA BOTH played dirty!! You have to be blind if you think otherwise! You can’t honestly say that only Canda was using these “dirty tactics” unless you want to lie to yourself about how “honoUrable” (notice the “u” since I’m Canadian) these American junior players are. They were not all, in fact.

    Jimmy Hayes taunted the bench after his goal. Canada got pissed, especially Tavares, the camera zoomed in on Tavares and he mouthed something like, “Don’t worry! We can do this” to his fellow teammates. Then Tavares went on to score a hat trick to win the game. It was great to see Tavares play with some emotion, something he is not known for. Don’t get me wrong, it was silly for both Hayes and Tavares to try and agitate the opposition’s bench after they scored. But they are kids after all. KIDS! BOTH TEAMS let their emotions get the best of them.

    The only true “dirty player” on Team Canada was Stephan Della Rovere. As a Canadian, I was ashamed to see him on the team. So I agree with you on him specifically. I suspect the ONLY reason he was on the team was because of the lack of size of the Canadian forwards. Normally, in the past tournaments, we picked guys with skill and size (Getzlaf, Burns, Weber, etc). This year, it was almost a complete opposite of the team’s identity: it was small and skilled instead with guys like Boychuk, Eberle, Hodgson, Ennis, etc. So Quinn and his coaching staff probably though a little “beef” would help to win battles along the boards, etc.

    As you may recall, the American players also boarded the Canadian players and elbowed them just like Della Rovere had done to them. Again, it was retaliation, but they still nonetheless did it. Tangradi and his clipping was another shameful act. Tangradi is actually known for this kind of stuff, he recently threw water bottles at the refs during an OHL playoff game when he was unhappy about the reffing. That got him suspended of course. This occured this month (April 2009).

    You can’t honestly believe the Canadians paid the refs?! Look at the Sweden-Canada game, Canada got called for a ridiculous amount of penalties. It almost seemed like they wanted Sweden to win. Or maybe they felt sorry for Sweden since Canada was clearly dominating the game from the start. Thomas Hickey got his hand bitten by a Swede and they didn’t do anything about it! Good thing the Canadian forwards worked their butts off and were able to kill off all those undeserved penalties.

    Anyway, that’s just my 2 cents. Don’t pretend like your American junior players are “innocent”. If you want to call the Canadian team “dirty”, then you have to admit the American team was just as dirty. Hoeffel and his elbowing, etc. But in all honesty, the only Canadian player who I felt was dirty was Della Rovere and he should have NEVER made the team. I suspect they will NOT invite him back for next year’s team. He will be blacklisted by Hockey Canada, just like Kyle Beach was.

    P.S. The commentator is NOT Bob McKenzie. It was Gord Miller & Pierre McGuire. Pierre is the shrieking voice who is biased and overly enthusiastic.

  63. Winner

    Pierre is American.
    Della Rovere isn’t the bad guy you think he is.
    But good overall talk.

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