LA Kings Shutout Again…

The LA Kings were shutout by Columbus in Los Angeles 0-2.  The second goal for Columbus was an empty netter that sealed the victory by Rick Nash with approximately half a minute left in the game.

The shutout was the King’s 6th shutout loss of the season.

I don’t know if that’s a team record.  Do you?

I thought the Kings played well but spurned some good opportunities, the best of which may have been a Dustin Brown opportunity on a sprawling Mason off of a feed from O’Sullivan on a partial odd-man rush.  Unfortunately, Brown’s touch failed him and the puck popped over his stick (unless it was the poor ice of Staples that caused a hop – couldn’t tell from the replays). 

Here’s some thoughts I posted on Inside the Kings-blog.  

Who played poorly? 
I don’t think anyone did.
I think if a team fails to score 6 times in a season it’s either the player’s fault or the coach’s, and I think this problem lies with the coach.
You know why already.
Also (not counting empty netters) this is the 4th 0-1 shutout loss. San Jose, Ducks twice, and tonight. 
I’m going to feel real stupid if this is the 7th shutout of the season.
Am I forgetting one?
I guess you could look at it as we’ve played about 10 weeks of hockey and been shutout in, on average, 6 out of the 10. That’s almost a passing grade of “C” in futility class.
So is it the players or the coach?
What do you think?
Maybe we don’t have the defensemen to support our forwards in scoring. 
Maybe it’s not Murray’s “bad.”
I don’t know but I’m really not thinking playoffs much after the past 3 games.
It sounds like O’Sullivan is, though, so who knows? The Jekyll and Hyde routine continues…
Credit to Columbus, though, who beat us at our own game. 
Hitchcock is effective in spurts, no pun intended. But I don’t think he’s got the talent up front that we do. But he really doesn’t need his to do much if we can’t bulge the onion bag ourselves.
I’m sure the week will be a nasty one.
It always is after losses like this.
Hopefully, the WJCs will keep us occupied.

For the press report on Yahoo:;_ylt=Aif2QbU3.YXx0XmtQkP4AFx7vLYF?gid=2008122908


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