World Junior Championships

The Junior tournament is underway, and the NHL Network is providing coverage.
The LA Kings will be well represented by some standout players who are being asked to lead their country’s teams.
Oscar Moller for Team Sweden.
Colton Teubert and Thomas Hickey for Team Canada.
And, Viacheslav Voinov for Team Russia.
Here’s a partial TV schedule courtesy of Inside The Kings participant “duckhunter.”

NHL Network US Game Schedule:

Fri, Dec 26 Germany-USA @ 3:30
Canada-Czech Republic @ 7:30

Sun, Dec 28 Kazakhstan-Canada @ 3:30
USA-Czech Republic @ 7:30

Mon, Dec 29 Germany-Canada @ 7:30

Tue, Dec 30 USA-Kazakhstan @ 7:30

Wed, Dec 31 Canada-USA @ 7:30

Fri, Jan 2 WJC Quarterfinal #1 @ 3:30
WJC Quarterfinal #2 @ 7:30

Sat, Jan 3 WJC Semifinal #1 @ 3:30
WJC Semifinal #2 @ 7:30

Mon, Jan 5 WJC Bronze Medal Game @ 3:30
WJC Gold Medal Game @ 7:30



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2 responses to “World Junior Championships

  1. Me

    The pro-canadian biased announcers need to learn a little about the game of hockey and the rules…Who are they to comment negatively on the officials? So a penalty was called on Les canadians , big deal. get over it!!! Must be embarrassing not to win by 15…Wow how proud I would be to beat Kaz 15-0. Boy that is sure a great feat! Go cry off the air you ridiculous announcers. And learn what a slashing penalty is. Do not refer to it as and international slash…dumb assess!!!!!!

  2. cristobal

    I agree. Even if the slash was soft, it call fails to make up for all the hooking and interference Canada is getting away with.
    The way I see this tournament going, the Canadians aren’t learning too much about their team. The Czechs gave up, Khazaks are Khazaks and this is hockey, and Germany is/was demoralized and ready to go home already.
    I like the USA’s chances despite the hostility they’ll encounter in Ottawa. I wish I had the money to fly up there and start some chants of “1812.”
    How about these “player of the game” award ceremonies? A little over-the-top would be an understatement.
    Haven’t seen the swedes yet.
    Haven’t seen the ruskies yet.
    And yeah, who was that crying over the slash? Boy, you’d think Canadians would have more maturity than to complain about a call like that with a 3-1 lead against Germany.

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