Welcome to worldhockeydaily…

Hello and welcome to worldhockeydaily.  I have created this blog as a forum for conversations about Hockey around the world and with the desire to see Hockey move forward in the world of Sports.  This is only the beginning, hopefully, as I also have ambitions to create a daily Hockey Podcast called “worldhockeydaily“, modeled on the success of a favorite of mine – “worldsoccerdaily.”  I welcome all takes on Hockey, even those I don’t agree with, and simply ask that there be no profanity or threats.

As a lifelong Sports fan and player, my dream is to actually affect Hockey and help make it one of the top three Sports in the world.  I believe that the Game is one of the most majestic, tough, demanding, and beautiful Sports known to man, and want to see Hockey claim it’s place alongside Football as a world-wide phenomenon.  By communicating with others around the globe and learning more about the Sport we love, we can make a difference.  Not all will agree as to the best way to move forward, but through this communication perhaps the lovers of the Game can reclaim it and get it back on the right path world-wide.

One aspect I would like to stress is that, “you don’t know what you don’t know.”  There is a large world out there and more than one way to operate.  Keep an open mind and never stop learning.  My own ideas will be the subject of my articles and it will quickly become clear that I believe Hockey can do better and that it is currently the property of an elite few.  I want a Revolution.  I want the world to reclaim Hockey because it doesn’t belong to any one man, one group, one player, or one nation.  It is the world’s game.



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2 responses to “Welcome to worldhockeydaily…

  1. Not a bad start to your blog, Chris. i’ll keep an eye on it.

  2. cristobal

    cheers, Gann. Thanks for checking it out.

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